What A Psychic Can and Can’t Tell You During A Reading

If you’ve never consulted a psychic before, you may be wondering what to expect. Professional psychics can offer a lot of insight into different aspects of your life. Whether you’re looking to uncover secrets from the past, better understand the present, or look into the future, clairvoyants may be able to help.

However, although mediums have supernatural powers, there are limits to what they can do. Hollywood often fictionalizes the role of psychics, leading to misconceptions about their abilities.

To help you better understand what psychics can and cannot do to help you, we’ve outlined some of the most common problems below.

what can psychics tell you

What CAN Psychics Tell You?

The following topics are all areas where psychics could be of assistance.

Love and Relationship Issues

love advice

Some people choose marriage counseling, others choose psychic therapy.

Just like a relationship counselor, a psychic may be able to help you with your love life. The difference is that a psychic can explore feelings underneath the surface.

In regular therapy, therapists can only work with the information they are given during each session. Psychics, on the other hand, pick up on cues that most people can’t sense, like auras and energies.

By visiting a psychic, you can work towards relationship healing on a spiritual level. Depending on the type of psychic you visit, you may be able to look into the past to better understand the root of a problem or receive advice on how to move forward in the future.

Career Advice

career advice

Feeling fulfilled and passionate about your career can have a positive impact on your psyche. However, if you find yourself at a crossroad, this can be a stressful situation to face on your own. Psychics can be a useful resource when you’re in need of career advice.

Using extrasensory perception, psychics can help you better understand the best path for your professional future. Some psychics may use the power of divination via tarot card readings or a crystal ball, while others may use different methods to give you clarity.

If you’re truly at a crossroads and in need of advice, a spiritual advisor could help you see your options from a new perspective.

Life/Family Problems

There are many ways in which a psychic could help you with life/family problems. These types of issues are one of the leading reasons individuals seek therapy. Unfortunately, therapy sessions often end in frustration if no progress is made. With a psychic therapy session, on the other hand, you can achieve real results by exploring the root of a problem rather than just the symptoms.

In a session, a psychic may be able to use the power of empathy to better understand each visitor’s mental and emotional state. This is important because when family members have longstanding issues, it can be difficult for individuals to understand their own emotions. A reader who is skilled in reading energies and detecting auras could help you understand your own emotions and the emotions of others, so you can move forward towards a solution.

This type of psychic power, in addition to other powers, like clairvoyance, channeling, and divination, can help you in a wide variety of life problems.

Dealing with Loss/Grief of a Loved One

loss of a loved one

Nothing is more painful than the loss of a loved one. But knowing that you can still communicate with those who have passed away can help ease the pain, so you can achieve closure.

Often when someone passes away, they leave behind a lot of questions. With a psychic, you may be able to get some of the answers you’ve been searching.

There are many different methods psychics use to contact the spiritual world. Some use the power of channeling, or mediumship, to act as a waypoint between the ethereal and physical realms. This can happen in different ways. In some cases, the psychic may only be able to communicate directly with spirits and relay their messages. In other cases, spirits may take over the body of the psychic and use their voice to speak.

In addition to channeling, psychics have many other methods of receiving and sending messages to the spiritual world. Some may use objects like a Ouija board, while others may use clairvoyance to speak directly to ghosts or spirits. Psychics can also receive messages from the beyond in their dreams, or experience visions and emotions sent from the ethereal world.

Help with Life Meaning and Purpose

meaning of life

Many people struggle with understanding their purpose in life. If you feel like existential questions have been weighing on your conscience, then consulting a psychic could help you achieve some spiritual clarity.

There are many different ways psychics can help you understand your purpose in the world. One way is by communicating with spirits either though channeling or clairvoyance. Other methods could include the use of tools like tarot card reading, crystal balls, or tea leaves. Clairsentience is also sometimes used, where the psychic can channel your spiritual energy through physical touch to predict your destiny.

What CAN’T Psychic Tell You?

While psychics possess many powers that can help you understand the world around you, there are some things they simply cannot do.

Lottery Numbers

lottery numbersPsychics can help you with a lot of different aspects of life. But if you’re hoping they’ll gaze into a crystal ball and come up with the winning lottery numbers, you’re out of luck. If that were the case, psychics would be the richest people on Earth!

While psychics may be able to tell you numbers that resonate with your aura, and that could bring you fortune in some way, you won’t find the winning lottery numbers in the cards.

Love Spells

love potionLooking to place a love spell on your crush? Unfortunately, you’ll have no luck with a visit to a psychic.

Psychics don’t have the power to make someone fall in love any more than the average person does. There are certain things psychics can do to help you build a stronger spiritual connection with someone, or better understand their aura, however, there is no quick fix to love.


voodoo dollIf you’re in the market for curses, you won’t find any from a trip to a psychic. And there’s one simple reason: they don’t exist.

The truth is, there are a lot of misconceptions about what psychics can and can’t do. And if you’re picturing black magic and witchcraft, you’d better look elsewhere.

Clairvoyants simply use the power of extrasensory perception to better understand the world around us. This sometimes means looking beyond the physical world and into the spiritual one. However, true psychics only use their powers for good, and never for evil.

If you’re looking for someone to perform a curse on your enemies, no real psychic would offer this service.

Exact Dates When Something Will Happen

calendar datesWhile it’s true that many psychics have the power to look into the future, they don’t have the power to predict exact dates. This reason for this is due to free will.

As people make decisions and move through life, their destiny could change. This could either push back or expedite certain prophecies, or, in some cases, change them altogether.

While certain aspects of destiny may be set, psychics can help you understand your current path, so you can adjust it if need be. But if you’re really looking forward to something in your future, the tough reality is, you’ll simply have to wait.

The Bottom Line

While psychics aren’t all powerful by any means, they do have the supernatural ability to perceive things that others cannot.

Whatever your reason may be for seeking psychic assistance, it’s important to go into your session with an open mind and open spirit. This is the best way to open your soul to the spiritual world in order to receive the clarity you’ve been searching for.

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