Are You A Victim of a Psychic Attack? 15 Symptoms To Watch Out For

Psychic attacks are forms of intrusions that happen when one manipulates supernatural forces and energies to send dark and negative energies  and vibrations to someone else.  This is done with the intention to inflict either physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual harm or damage to your life, as well as those around you.

psychic attacks

Why Psychic Attacks Happen

Majority of psychic attacks are influenced by someone you might know. This may even be family members or close friends, although they may not intentionally do it. They may form and send negative thoughts without the intention of harming you, and is often a result of anger, envy or jealousy. Conscious and intentional psychic attacks are often akin to spell casting and black magic.

Psychic attack happens for many reasons. A person usually does this to you due to jealousy, especially if your life is progressing while theirs remains stagnant. He or she may also be envious of the things that are going on in your life, and may find themselves living in the dark right now.

Symptoms of A Psychic Attack

When you are under psychic attack, you might experience these possible symptoms:

  • Unexplained sense of fear
  • Very frightening nightmares, often causing a fear of sleep
  • Negative thoughts that seem to pop into our mind from out of nowhere
  • Feeling tired for no reason at all
  • Sudden illnesses that seem to have no diagnosis
  • Strange accidents that seem to be recurring
  • Having unexplained pains on a regular basis
  • Experiencing random illnesses and pains that your attacker is aware of, even if you have not told anyone
  • Having painful headaches accompanied by dizziness and vomiting
  • Feeling an unexplained sense of doubt in your life
  • Lack of clarity in thinking, or a sudden change in your analytical ability
  • Sudden onset of depression
  • Irrational outbursts of sorrow, anger and fear
  • Hearing voices or having the feeling of being watched or followed, even when you are alone
  • Constantly seeing your attacker in your dreams and thoughts

These symptoms can happen to anyone. By themselves, each individual symptom may not seem too suspicious or dark. The problem, however, is when you start noticing a bunch of these signs manifesting one after the other. In the event that you do, you might just find yourself experiencing a psychic attack. Don’t discount this phenomenon as something that is too far out or something that may not happen. It happens all the time, to many people out there. The good news is, with the right methods, you can learn to protect yourself and deal with many negative energies that may be surrounding you.

How To Deal With A Psychic Attack

Be Aware

The first thing to do is to identify if you are being attacked psychically. Be aware of the attack by looking for unusual symptoms, signs and events that take place in your life. Sometimes the attacks are so subtle that we do not even know that they happen.

Do Not Retaliate

When you find out that you are being attacked, it is so easy to retaliate by sending negative thoughts out to your attacker. You may want to return thoughts of anger or hate, but you should remember that in any psychic attack case, it is always the attacker who is weaker. Instead of retaliating. Send only pure white energy and thoughts of compassion and blessings, whether from your God or from the Universe.

Stay Busy

A psychic attack can cause feelings of restlessness and anxiety, so you end up focusing on the discomforts that you feel. You can take your mind off these problems by keeping yourself busy. Work out, listen to music, go outside, exercise or do Tai Chi. Anything you like to do is helpful, as long as it keeps you from thinking about negative things.

Increase Your Positive Vibrations

Reduce negative vibrations by increasing the positivity around you. Laugh, even when you ace adversity. You can always find humor in everything, and when you do laugh, you automatically send a loving and positive vibration to surround you and protect you from negativity.

Practice Mantras, Affirmations and Prayers

Mantras, affirmations, chants and even prayers can help you find comfort and strength during trying times. This can help relieve you especially when you feel upset and drained.

Reclaim Your Space

This tip is for rooms and spaces that heighten your sense of anxiety and fear. Generally, rooms where you constantly experience psychic attacks are also the same rooms which harbor negative energies, constantly reminding you of unpleasant experiences and memories. You can reclaim this space by rearranging your room or creating any kind of visual change so that you end up feeling a different energy.

Remind Yourself

While you are coping with psychic attacks, it is good to keep in mind that nothing can really harm or invade you without your permission. If you strongly feel that you do not deserve to be attacked, then you can easily fight off negative people, entities and spirits that are surrounding you. Always remind yourself that you are in charge of your reality and nobody can spiritually harm you without your permission.

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