Things Your Psychic Won’t Tell You – and Why

psychic-questionsMost of enjoy psychic readings for the insight they provide into our lives, or for the advice which helps us to cope with and handle difficult situations. But there are certain things that a psychic typically won’t tell you – either because they simply cannot or because ethically, it would be wrong for them to do so.

1. The Grim Reaper

The first and most obvious one of these is that a good psychic will not tell you when or how you will die. You’d be surprised at the number of people who would apparently like to know this! Even the most gifted psychics don’t have access to this piece of information, because life is not fated as such. The date and circumstances of your passing are not set in stone, and the way you live your life will obviously affect the nature of your death. Besides, even if psychic readings could give you this information, would you really want to know? It’s hard to think of circumstances where it would be appropriate for you to be told this – either you would live the rest of your life in fear and dread or, if you knew you had a very long time left, you might be tempted to waste your time away. Not good, whichever way you look at it.

2. A Winning Ticket?

For similar reasons, a typical psychic reading won’t be able to help you with answers to questions like “Will I win the lottery?” Sure, you might. Any of us might. But would having that information be helpful to you now? No, it wouldn’t – because again it could lead to you wasting the time you have, or giving up and living in despondency. A good psychic will only give you information which you both need and are ready to hear.

3. Just What the Doctor Ordered

Psychics avoid giving health advice or diagnoses. Even if a psychic picks up on a medical condition you have or might develop, it’s not their place to give medical advice other than perhaps a gentle suggestion that you get yourself checked out. If you hear medical advice from a psychic, ask yourself whether this person is qualified in medicine – if not, take what they have to say with a pinch of salt. Your health is your responsibility, and psychic readings are not the place to get medical advice.

4. Bulls, Bears or Law Suits

The other area psychics tend to avoid like the plague is financial or legal advice. A good psychic won’t tell you to invest in such and such or indeed not to invest either. They won’t give advice about bankruptcy, or about taking your ex to court. While they might have some insight into these issues, the stakes are simply too high for your psychic to give advice like this. This is to protect both you and them – you don’t need to hear information from an unqualified source, and they don’t need you coming back to them later and holding them liable for a bad decision you made.

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5. In Absentia

Finally, a psychic reading typically does not include a whole lot of information about a third party. There are ethical considerations there; unless you have the explicit permission of the other person, then it would be wrong of a psychic to divulge much information about them and their path. Most psychics will therefore avoid talking too much about other people, other than offering general advice on how to deal with someone.

So: there are many wonderful and helpful things a psychic can tell and should share with you, but there are also many things they are highly unlikely to tell you. Understanding this will help you get more from your reading, and hopefully stop you being disappointed when you’re not given a date for that lottery win!

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