The History of The Crystal Ball

crystal ballCrystal balls fascinate a lot of people, as they are mysterious balls that expert psychics can really tell a lot from. A crystal ball is essentially a small globe made of glass. It is round in shape and transparent in color. It is basically used for scrying or fortune telling. Scrying is the skill of looking at a reflective surface to gain some insight of the unseen world.

Most of us have seen people fortune tellers looking into a crystal ball, either in real life or perhaps in a movie. It is believed that crystal balls have some magical powers associated with them, which help to tell the future.

The Chronological history of Crystal Ball

The use of crystal balls to predict your future or to know about your fortune dates back ages. Let’s take a brief look at the history of the crystal ball.

Celtic Origin

The initial origin of the crystal ball took place in 2000 BC. In this era, the Druids ensured that all the Celtic tribes were not against each other and worked together as a community. These Druids were polytheists and played a significant role in Celtic tribes. They had a significant role in the tribes because they were philosophers, priests, teachers, scientists, counselors, and even judges. These Druids were the first to use crystal balls to tell people about their future.

Middle Ages

During the Middle Age there was a great trend of fortune tellers. The number of fortune tellers including wizards, sorcerers, seers, and gypsies increased and thus, the use of crystal balls also increased. The crystal balls were used to look into the past and predict the future in Central Europe. Initially, the crystal ball was made up of a substance called ‘beryl’, which is a naturally occurring transparent colored gemstone. There was an ancient belief that this gemstone possessed incredible power. Later, the material used for crystal ball was replaced by rock crystal. It is said that rock crystal is more effective in fortune telling as it offers more insight and clearness.

Use of Crystal Balls by Royal Counselors

For a long period of time Royal counselors used these Druid Crystal Balls. Dr. John Dee and Queen Elizabeth I are among the few famous names in the list of such people who had counselors who looked into crystal balls. Dr. John Dee was an astronomer, mathematician, and scientist. He also had a great interest in philosophy. He was of the view that the crystal ball was a great means of communication between angels and him.

According to some historical reports, the use of crystal ball can be seen in time before the Christian Age. There are certain other reports which make the origins of the crystal ball to be rooted in the Mayan Civilization.

An interesting use of crystal balls was prevalent on the Fiji Island. Whenever something bad or wrong happened people resorted to the crystal ball, as it was believed that through the use of the crystal ball they would get to know of the true culprit. The Aztecs and Incas also used this method to find culprits.

Fortune Tellers of Roma

The fortune tellers spread to Europe from Northern India. Roma people were not liked by the church, as they practiced fortune telling using the crystal ball. The fortune telling industry became prominent in America over time. It became even more popular as Roma travelers began spreading across the globe. Thus, crystal ball gazing also increased.

The Crystal Ball in Pop Culture

In pop culture, crystal balls have been greatly used for storytelling. One of the most prominent uses was in ‘The Wizard of Oz’. Later, The crystal ball used in that film was sold for about $110,000. Moreover, a crystal ball was also used in the film, Labyrinth.

The Modern Scryer

The crystal ball is also used in today’s modern times to know about the forecast of events in sports, business, technology, and politics, etc. In modern times, the crystal ball is used for assistance and empowerment and not only for fortune telling. Moreover, in the process of scrying, a crystal ball is not only used for fortune telling but other means such as horoscopes, tarot cards, and palms readings are used to predict the future.

Throughout history, the crystal ball has been of significant importance in various cultures due to the mystical powers it possesses. It is still considered by many as the most powerful object when it comes to fortune telling.

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