How To Develop Telekinesis To Move Objects With Your Mind

Telekinesis, also known as psychokinesis, is probably one of the most well-known, if not the most well-known, psychic ability out there. The ability is super popular because of the pop culture portrayals are abundant.

You can see individuals with telekinesis in comic books, like Jean Grey from the X-Men, or television, like Eleven from the Netflix show Stranger Things, or even in movies, like Carrie, Matilda, Chronicle, and Push. Portrayals of telekinesis are everywhere. They lead people to wonder: is telekinesis real? Can I develop telekinetic powers?

What Is Telekinesis?


Telekinesis is the ability to influence a physical system without physical interaction. The word telekinesis derives from Greek and means far off movement. The other term for it, psychokinesis, means mind movement. Since those with the ability to move things with their mind, the latter has become more widely used throughout the psychic community and beyond.

Is Telekinesis Real?

This question has been long debated and numerous experiments have been done to try to prove that psychokinesis is a real phenomenon. Many of the experiments have proved to some extent that telekinesis is real, but many claim that the experiments don’t have the correct controls and don’t produce consistent results.

The basis of psychokinesis is still there though. Psychokinesis is closely related to your emotions and manifests when you’re feeling great emotions. Since emotions are inconsistent, it’s expected that the results would be inconsistent.

How to Develop Telekinesis Powers

chair levitation

Despite the criticism that comes with psychokinesis, you can still try to access your unknown powers.

Get in the Zone

Practice Your Visualization. A major exercise for many psychics is visualization. Visualizing small objects is really the way to go. You can work on visualizing the movement of that object or a different scene. The important aspect of visualizing is that you get all of the details.

Meditate Frequently. In order to properly have your energy flow through you to the objects that surround you, your mind needs to be completely clear. You can have no thoughts pervading, distracting, or disrupting your mind while you’re channeling. Meditation is the surest and fastest way to develop the skill.

Open Your Mind. Similar to how hypnosis works, to practice psychokinesis you need an open mind. Going in with skepticism and a closed mind will not lend well to the results you ultimately seek.  Push away what other people have to say and focus on your task at hand. While nothing may happen when you try, nothing will certainly happen if you don’t try.

Remember to Stay Patient. It might take quite a long time for your powers to develop. This long time isn’t just a few weeks or months. It can take you years to see the results you want. There’s no real way to predict when and where the effective mingle of energy will strike so you have to keep trying.

Stay Relaxed. If you’re stressed about what someone said to you, your relationship, or your job, you won’t see the results you seek. While meditating or even focusing, you won’t be able to drain the excess thoughts and energy. Your mind has to be completely in the moment.

Realize That You and The Object Are Made Of The Same Energy. This principle is the basis on which psychokinesis powers work. The energy that makes up you and the objects you’re trying to move are the same. All the matter in the universe is the same and so it the energy. The objects you move are natural extensions of you.

Practice Makes Perfect

psi wheel

Spin a Psi Wheel. A psi wheel is an object that consists of a pyramid-shaped device with a small piece of foil or paper serving as its balance and a toothpick or needle connecting the two. You can use to enhance your psychokinesis skill by trying to spin the psi wheel with your mind. For the best results, you can place a glass container over it so that wind won’t spin it.

Concentrate on Small Objects. The whole purpose of psychokinesis is to move the objects around you. To channel your own energy into the things around you, you will need to concentrate extremely hard. Start with small and lightweight objects. Things like matchboxes or pencils.

Utilize Psi Balls. Unlike a psi wheel, which is a physical object, a psi ball is energy that you form into a ball. You feel it, manipulate it, and you can take on complicated tasks with it.

To form it you take your hands and hold them around your stomach, feeling the core of your energy. Place your hands as if you’re holding a ball. Determine how big it is, its color, all of its properties. Once you have it formed, move it and let it morph its size and shape.

Do Flamework. Besides working with small objects, you can also work with fire. Light a candle and, as it glows, clear your mind. Focus only on the flame, how it flickers and moves. While your attention is fully on it, try moving it with your mind. Control every which way you want.

Switch It Up. While you devote so much to honing your skill, maybe an hour a day, you want to switch it up. Don’t just do flamework. Don’t just meditate. Don’t just work with your psi ball. Try something different every now and again. New methods might work better than others. You won’t know until you try them all.

Understand the Science Behind Telekinesis

Energy is known as “the capacity to do work,” which makes it any change in motion or state of matter. There’s energy that runs through our body’s that keeps it functioning. We get energy from the food we eat. Our muscle cells use chemical energy to do mechanical work. The rest of the energy in your body is turned into kinetic energy that is stored.

In thermodynamics, the first law states that energy is neither created or destroyed. It can be changed from one form to another and it can be transferred. The energy within every system and all of its surroundings are constant. They can be transferred between each other, but the total energy contained in a system is always the same.

Telekinesis has been mistaken for magic for thousands of years, but it’s not magic. It just the transferring of energies.

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