What Do The Symbols Mean In Tea Leaf Readings?

Tea leaves are just one of the many articles or objects that intuitives use to help them zone in on their craft and do readings better. Tea leaf reading (also known as Tasseography) is the art of looking at random shapes formed by tea leaves to divine the future. While it takes an expert or gifted individual to fully understand the sediment formations on the bottom of your tea pot or on the strainer, here are some common shapes that appear and their usual interpretation:

  • Angel – This may represent a desire for you to arise from the physical and get in touch with your spiritual side. It may also represent peace or an indication of rebirth.
  • Door – A rectangular shape may represent a door, which may indicate a new opportunity or opening in your life.
  • Face – Most tea sediments are distorted images, but you may make out certain expressions or may have a similarity to a person you know. If you feel that you know the person shown in the sediment, he or she may have a vital role to play in your life.
  • Horse – Horse shoes are popular symbols of luck, so a horse image may also mean just as well. However, it can also represent untamed or wild or emotions, or even that of sexual ecstasy.
  • Moon – This symbol is linked with fertility, which does not just mean physical fertility. It can also be about your readiness for personal and emotional growth.
  • Mountains – Mountains usually represent obstacles or quests that you need to overcome.
  • Pig – The pig is a symbol of stubbornness, selfishness and brutishness.
  • Queen – The queen shows your motherly and nurturing side, and often is a sign that you should follow your gut feeling or intuition when you have decisions to make.
  • Rats – These creatures represent aspects that disgust and frighten you, and may symbolize potential problems lying ahead.
  • Revolver – A gun is a common reading for people who are angry about something and want to do something about it.
  • Trees – Depending on the appearance of the tree, it can represent weakness or strength.
  • Violence – Sediments that show a violent image can show you what’s really in your heart. Are you a violent person? Maybe you should express things in a natural manner.
  • Yourself – If you see yourself in the image, then you may need to take a step back and look at yourself and the things you do from somebody else’s point of view.

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