How To Use Spiritual Cleansing To Release Negative Energy

Negative energies are constantly being thrown at you throughout your day: negative people, negative situations, negative environments. These negative energies can seriously inhibit you from attaining your maximum daily potential. It is important for you to cleanse yourself of these negative energies. We are incredibly knowledgeable about the various ways to cleanse the negative energy from your aura, and here is one easy way that you can begin to go about it!

Cleansing your energy is not something you need to be an advanced psychic to practice. It is an easy way to improve your energy, positivity, and overall interactions with others. Being nearly entirely free of negative energy will turn you into a person that other people want to be around. A clean aura will not only make you more willing to work with others, but it will make others more willing to work with you.

Both positive and negative energies are absolutely magnetic. The auras of people around you affect how you carry on through your day. Furthermore, do not underestimate the power that your negative aura may have on the people around you. The best way to ensure that the people around you are not being negatively affected by your aura is to actively seek out ways to cleanse yourself of the negative energy.

Achieve Your Goals Through Aura Cleansing

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If you have major life goals that seem to be somewhat unattainable, their accessibility may be the result of unwanted negative energy. Negative energy that takes up valuable space in your aura can inhibit you from accomplishing the things in life that you really want to accomplish. Negative energy can set up a barrier in the midst of the things you want to do and the part of your brain that allows you to accomplish such things.

Spiritual cleansing of your negative energy can not only help the people around you, but it can help you accomplish your personal goals.

Prepare Yourself Your Way

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To begin the spiritual cleansing process, you must first prepare yourself. You can prepare yourself by bringing yourself into the most relaxed state possible. The means in which you achieve this relaxed state are very personal. The most we can do is provide suggestions on how to achieve this state.

If you are an avid yoga practitioner, feel more than welcome to prepare to cleanse your negative energy with a few minutes of meditation. Yoga is incredibly helpful because it drives you to be incredibly mindful of your breathing patterns. While heightening this awareness, it helps to clear your mind of other extraneous details. This is incredibly necessary when seeking to cleanse your aura of negative energy.

Your physical position is also crucially important when preparing yourself to cleanse the negative energy from your aura. Position yourself in the most tension-free way you can. Such a position can involve lying on the floor, sitting in a relaxed way, or any other position that allows you to clear your mind. In this position, connect to and focus solely on your breathing.

Use Light

using light to release negative energy

This spiritual cleansing technique geared towards releasing negative energy centers around a strong image of light. Light serves as an incredibly useful image because its essence is the opposite of negative: positive, warm, and ever flowing. The image of light creates an essence of lightness that transcends any negative energy you may be feeling.

When you are finally in the most relaxed and breath-concentrated state that you can put yourself into, begin the process by visualizing a vibrant white light. Using your mind’s eye, see this light embracing you fully and coursing through your body. You should see, and feel, this bright white light making contact with every part of your body, inside and out. It should warm you inside and out.

After you are fully embedded within the light, fuel the light with the purpose. Light already holds an immense amount of purpose in your everyday life. It allows you to fully observe all the wonderful things that light has to offer. Therefore, this potential, negative-energy clearing power it holds should not come as a surprise.

This light holds within its vibrancy the power to push out the negative, dark matter from your life. Watch and feel as it courses through your body, pushing all the negative energy out and giving energy that has been stuck the liberty to flow again. Feel it through every part of your body.

Gentle Light, Not Harsh Light

gentle light

This pushing is not forceful but rather effortlessly enlightening. The light does not burn the negative energy away but rather directs it to a path from which it may move on. The path out of your body that the negative energy travels on should effectively fill you not only with light but with an immensely satisfying lightness.

The negative energy that has just left your body should not then move to cloud the energy of auras of the environment and people around you. If you do not want your dark energy that has just been pushed out of you to cloud the environment, what do you do with your newly released negative energy? This process of cleansing your aura serves to answer this question as well.

The answer to the question again resides in giving the surrounding light a purpose. Light is an incredibly powerful substance that we tend to take advantage of in our everyday lives. Again, motivate the light to take this energy and transform it into positive energy for the world. Watch with your mind’s eye as this energy floats up and away into the universe.

Vaporizing the Negative Energy

releasing negative energy

When the negative energy is officially vaporized into the surrounding environment, this simple spiritual cleansing is complete. Striving to maintain your relaxed state, reconnect your awareness with the outside world. Your aura should be free of negative energy, and, thereby, you should be better equipped to more positively carry out the tasks of your day.

Spiritual cleansing of negative energy is readily accomplishable, and it will improve the way that you look at the world and your place within it.

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