Psychic Awakening Signs and Symptoms

Have you ever felt like you want to take your life back into your own hands or felt that you have experienced a desire to change? You may be on the verge of a psychic awakening. A psychic awakening in simple terms is a re-connection with reality.

This connection then facilitates a healing from old wounds in order for the true self to arise. This true self will then be able to live and express life in authentic manners. A psychic awakening can either be about revealing truths, making changes, and finding meaning.

There is no one purpose of having a spiritual awakening. You can feel “called” to do anything. Your consciousness could be growing, your interests evolving, and the meaning of life essentially changing and giving you new aspirations or inspirations. Do you feel that in yourself? If you aren’t sure what you are experiencing, these 7 symptoms will help reveal if you are experiencing a spiritual awakening.

7 Signs and Symptoms of A Spiritual Awakening

Feeling That Something Has Changed

psychic awakening

The first feeling you may be experiencing is the feeling that something has altered or changed inside of you. This is a feeling that something has made a fundamental shift inside. You can’t really explain the change or how it happened, but you know you feel different. Often a person will have a sensation of wanting to become a new person who is completely different than the person was before.

There may be many times when becoming this new person occurs. Each time that this happens, the truer self will become closer. As this true self gets closer and closer to reality, a person is often filled with happiness.

With this happiness, however, can also be some fear. This is a fear of the unknown, of stepping out of one’s comfort zone.

Once the mask of the un-true self has been taken off, typically the person will be able to see things much clearer, literally seeing things with new eyes. Don’t be scared to do so. It’s natural to let yourself explore and expand throughout its natural course.

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Negative Habit Awareness

bad habits

Once the true self has come into play, often an awareness of what was wrong with life becomes much clearer. You may receive an overwhelming feeling of, “How did I let myself do this for so long?” You may even feel dark or an overwhelming feeling of heaviness about a certain aspect of your life that you want no part of anymore. All the things that used to be done that were negative are brought into focus and are chosen not to be done anymore.

At this point, there is a feeling of never wanting to go back. A feeling of deep fulfillment, happiness, joy, and truth permeates the inner self. This is where the root of change starts to occur, where your spirit can now evolve and discover what is next in its path.

Ditching the Old Crew in Favor of the New

ditching old friendships

A spiritual awakening is often very hard, as it is experienced at different times for different people. Often a person grows after a life event or encounter that may not be the same for the family or friends who are around. In many cases, family and friends stay the same, while another person experiences this awakening.

There is often a feeling of guilt associated with wanting to separate from friends and family who are not experiencing a spiritual awakening. In fact, these very people may feel negative and draining, forcing a need for solitude. This is when new friendships are many times formed, in what is known as a true soul to soul connection. This connection is not ruled by ego, but by the heart.

You Desire Strict Authenticity

superficial people

This feeling occurs when you are exposed to superficial people or objects and you start to feel depressed or suffocated. A lot of the people and places you used to indulge yourself in suddenly make you want to run away or avoid it. You are now allergic to anything that is not “real” or that classifies as fake such as, TV, certain people, places, or even the internet. It is like your spirit is all of a sudden on a quest to find authenticity and simplicity.

Some people might even say you have become antisocial, don’t worry that isn’t a bad thing. It is nothing to be concerned about, and you aren’t clinically depressed. It is simply your body and spirit telling you it is ready for change and to pursue what you have been destined for. This is a common sign of a psychic awakening.

Feelings of Deep Sadness or Compassion for Our World

love and compassion

Do you ever wake up and just realize how messed up and sad our world is? You may be feeling this deep sorrow for our world and all the bad that is in it. A spiritual awakening isn’t always good, happy thoughts and feelings; it can often involve a lot of strong feelings that aren’t fun to feel.

Sometimes these thoughts lead individuals to depression, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It just means you are deeply compassionate. You may even feel suddenly responsible for all the bad in the world, and this can be overwhelming.

The good news is what you are feeling is completely normal. Don’t think you have depression or emotional instability. You have to go through it.

These feelings will help motivate you to finally act on your spiritual awakening. Don’t regret these feelings—it will only make you stronger and be an even more responsible person!

A Deep Yearning for Meaning in Life

life meaning

A lot of things that you have been doing in life are no longer interesting you. This may be old friends, a job, hobbies or activities you have been investing yourself in. You feel like you need a new meaning in your life because you are currently bored or depressed about where you currently are.

This feeling makes you want to find a purpose for your life, or a new set of goals. Everything you want to do now should have an impact on the world one way or another. You have the urge to have a voice or do something amazing.

Sometimes you can feel a deep depression about where you are today, however, you should use that emotion to motivate yourself to make a change. You don’t want to wallow in your emotions for too long. Instead, go ahead and take the next step to change.

Creativity and Inspirations

inspiration and creativity

Are you suddenly bombarded with new ideas and inspirations? These inspirations may be random, and you might constantly be receiving images or thoughts about them. You wake up and go to bed thinking about these ideas every day.

This feeling can be an overwhelming sense of happiness or energy that only increases until you have actually done something about it. Your enthusiasm only increases as you think about it, and you seem distracted from your daily tasks because you can’t stop thinking about all of these ideas. This is because your soul is finally expressing to your body what it came to earth to do!

Embrace these ideas, write them down on paper and organize your thoughts, so you can start planning what you’ll do with this wave of inspiration. Your creativity is a strong sign of a psychic awakening.