Your Guide to Performing a Space Clearing Ritual

space clearingAlmost every society has some type of convention with respect to space clearing. Some call it a ‘house favoring’; others may host a house-warming get together. A business may have an amazing opening or an open house to welcome in new energies for a positive business.

Space clearing ceremonies are believed to get rid of negative energies that can bring about subliminal everyday distress. You can plan your own particular space clearing custom by doing what feels best to you. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Have a Ceremony

Ceremonies are well-known ways to clear spaces these days. Many cultures have ceremonies to bring in positive, new energies into an area. The advantage of the ceremony is an open proclamation of appreciation toward life. It says to the universe and each one of those living and lifeless inside it: “I welcome you; I adore you”.

Whether it is a strip cutting, champagne stopper popping, or firecrackers, anything to welcome new beginnings can do wonders when it comes to bringing in positive energies into your life. It recognizes the past and clears a path for a transcendent future. Candles, an open air fire, melody, movement, and music raise the heart and lift the energies to adjust the space for a more positive atmosphere.

Space Clearing Tools

Space clearing is the specialty of purging spaces of stuck, negative, energies. All you need is a vacuum cleaner, incense sticks, sage, windows that open, candles, and something to make a commotion, similar to a ringer or drum. You can utilize any or the greater part of the devices speaking to the four components of air, fire water, and earth:

  • Unscented candles
  • Rock ocean salt
  • Juniper (quality, immaculateness) or sage (establishing, ensuring) wands
  • Tibetan tinghsha chimes or gong
  • Tribal drums


Make the space spotless and arrange it properly. Let some circulation into the space by leaving windows open and giving the natural air a chance to rinse the space for about 15 minutes before starting with the space clearing service. Ensure the windows and ledges are spotless as well.

Make sure it’s quiet and free. Turn off all electrical machines. You may want to disarm your smoke detector if you are going to use incense or sage to smudge the home. Shower with unscented items and wear good, clean clothes.

Ensure you are hydrated (have had enough water to drink) all through the procedure. Try not to wear any jewelry unless it is particularly utilized as a part of space clearing customs or otherworldly functions. Pause for a minute to tune into your higher self. Concentrate on what you want the space to be.


Here’s your guide to the space clearing ritual.

  1. Utilizing a spotless shower bottle (beforehand unused by any chemicals) loaded with new water. Tenderly shower it in the air around the room. You can put ocean salt if you prefer.
  2. Place a new, plain, unscented flame in a protected spot in the room and light it.
  3. Light some incense and delicately spread the smoke around the room.
  4. Utilizing sage or juniper as a part of the type of a stick or wand, gradually move around the space controlling the smoke to the zones of the room. Make a point to fan the smoke around the furniture, under tables and around any apparatuses.
  5. Declare the goal of the space, from the focal point of the room. As you do, ensure you recognize the whole space: every divider, the floor, the roof and space inside.
  6. Stifle the candles. Close the way to the room and proceed onward to the following space, if relevant. In the event that it is the main room, let it sit quietly as it is for no less than 15 minutes as a consecrated period before utilizing the room.

Quick Fixes

  • Evacuate any item that makes you feel somewhat dismal or think any negative thoughts. For example, photographs of anyone you may have a grievance toward, blurbs, or pictures with any sort of unsavory imagery.
  • Clear the ice chest and cabinets of any sustenance’s past the ‘expiry’ date. Clean away any morsels or spillages.
  • Dispose of broken items, dead plants or blooms.
  • Plant fresh plants.
  • Play inspiring music.

Space clearing is a wonderful way to be sure your space is full of positive energy, as over time spaces tend to get clogged up with negative energy. It’s good Feng Shui, so be prepared to clear your home space several times a year, or more depending on your desires.

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