Signs That Your Spirit Guide Is Trying To Contact You

spirit guidePerhaps you’ve heard about spirit guides, but you’re not sure what they are. Today, we’ll discuss a little bit about them so that you can move forward connecting with yours.

What is a spirit guide?

Spirit Guides are supernatural beings who are appointed to us before we are born on this earth to guide and draw attention towards the positive and good things during our entire life. They communicate with us through telepathy during meditation, dreams, and thoughts.

10 Signs of a Spirit Guide’s Presence

How do you know if you have a spiritual guide? The answer to this is very simple and easy. Experts have shared some signs that validate the presence of spirits in a person’s life. If you want to know whether or not you have a spirit guide then read on.

1. Sensation of Presence

One of the signs indicating the presence of a spiritual guide near you is that you can feel a presence. For example, you will feel someone accompanying you even when you’re alone. This feeling will mostly occur when you are alone and paying attention to the spiritual realm. The feeling will guide you and urge you to be more productive. This is because the purpose of spirit guides is to guide us towards useful, creative, and positive things as we journey through life.

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2. Ringing in the Ear

You may feel a ringing effect in your ear when you are deeply drowned in thoughts or experiencing extreme emotions.

3. Flash of Light

You may see a flash of light or energy when engaged in prayer, meditation, or when in deep thought. The light will remain there until you feel the presence of an angel. But if the light persists for a longer time or is intense or irritating, then it could be a physical problem and you may have to contact a medical doctor.

4. Seeing 3’s

You may start seeing things in sets of three because three symbolizes Trinity. There are two ways in which you can see sets of three; either three birds of the same type flying in the sky or sets of three like the same digits on a digital device like 4:44 or 3:33. This is a sign that your spiritual guide is trying to tell you something important.

5. Name Validation

You can select a name for your spirit guide to develop a unique relationship with it. You will then begin to see that name in very unusual places and circumstances; a sign that the spirit guide is with you.

6. Writing Freely

Sometimes you may get a feeling to just sit at a table, grab a pen and notebook, and start writing something. This is the way your spiritual guide contacts you. In this way, it also helps in providing you with a new and creative idea. They can also help you to solve a problem or a certain issue. So, always start to write when you experience such a feeling.

7. Hearing Your Name

You may feel someone calling your name while walking through a street or when waiting for a bus at the bus stop. You may immediately start to look around to find the caller, but you will not find anyone because it is your spirit guide trying to contact you. In such a situation, stop and think about what you were thinking about just before your name was called.

8. Hearing Music or Songs

You may feel some random music or a song playing in your ear. This feeling is known to keep on repeating. The song may also contain some special message. This shows the presence of your spiritual guide who is trying to contact you and convey some message to you.

9. Reoccurring Dreams

You find yourself dreaming a lot and if the same dream keeps occurring, it may be that your spirit guide has a message inside that dream for you. If this happens, write your reoccurring dream on paper and think deeply about it. You may find some connection or message in it from your spirit guide.

10. Seeing a Butterfly, Dragonfly or Moth

You might happen to see a butterfly, dragonfly, or moth in areas where their presence is least expected. If so, then it could be a sign from your spirit guide.

If all or a few of these signs are observed by you, then you should know that you have an angel who guides you and wants to keep in contact with you. Try to understand their message and keep in contact with them through meditation and prayer. Getting in touch with your spirit guide is not as difficult as you may think. Be consistent and believe that you can.