Signs of a Psychic Vampire and How To Protect Yourself

Do you ever feel unexpectedly drained for no apparent reason? Like the energy and life has been sucked out of the entire atmosphere of a room with no logical explanation?

If so, you might be dealing with a psychic vampire.

If you’ve never heard of such a thing before, you’re probably wondering, “What’s a psychic vampire?” In this guide, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about what energy vampires are, how to spot one, how they affect you, and – most importantly – how you can deal with them.

What Is a Psychic Vampire?

psychic vampire

When you hear the term energy vampire for the first time, you might picture a blood-sucking demon. The reality of what they are is much less exciting and extreme, but they can still affect you just as severely. Also known as psychic vampires, energy vampires are people who quite simply suck the energy out of a room. You’ll know you’ve encountered a psychic vampire or an energy vampire when a warm, lively vibe suddenly goes cold, quiet, and depressing.

You also may begin to feel exhausted for no apparent reason and want to leave the space you are in. This is a natural reaction because your subconscious is trying to remove you from the negative influence.

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Traits of a Psychic Vampire

etheric cords

When the energy in a room – or your own, personal energy – suddenly drops and you begin to feel much more negative, many people react by looking internally. Is it something you ate? Is it something you said? It’s normal to become self-conscious and wonder what you might have done to bring on this sudden change in attitude or feeling. This is what energy vampires (whether knowingly or unknowingly) feed off.

However, when you realize the source of the change, it can be easier to resist the effects of it. Once you realize that it’s not something you did or caused, you can stop feeling self-conscious and examining yourself for flaws. If you are able to pinpoint an energy vampire is bringing you down, this can immediately help to improve your mood to some degree.

So, how do you know for certain a psychic vampire is the cause? Here are some ways you can know:

  • You were previously feeling fine
  • Nothing significant happened to bring your mood or energy levels plummeting
  • The change was sudden and abrupt
  • Others in the room appear to feel the same way; you’re not the only one affected

If this describes your situation, then you might have an energy vampire on your hands. It may help you to pinpoint the exact culprit if you find the person who walked in the room at the approximate time the change occurred. You also can tell it’s a specific person you are interacting with that is making you feel drained. Observe how they interact with other people, too. If others appear to be having the same reaction as you, then you’ve probably found your psychic vampire.

Remember, even if a person seems to be acting normal and isn’t saying or doing anything explicitly wrong, they can still be the cause of the shift. Hidden motivations, whether subconscious or conscious, can have malicious intent behind them and cause a drain in the room.

Psychic vampires typically have a big ego, are passive-aggressive or outwardly aggressive, paranoid, angry, narcissistic, melodramatic, complaintive, gossiping, insecure, manipulative, and/or jealous.

How Psychic Vampires Can Affect You

emotionally drained

First and foremost, it is important to remember that everything is energy. Everything in life is comprised of pure energy, or vibrating atoms. Energy vampires can suck that energy from you – and believe it or not, they affect some people more than others. If you are an empath or a highly sensitive person, you will be very aware when you encounter an energy vampire.

Others aren’t as sensitive or in-tune with their bodies. As a result, they may feel the effects of an energy vampire without realizing it. Energy vampires can be either individuals who can’t sustain energy on their own positively, or they may be well-meaning individuals who are naturally overbearing.

Whatever the case, energy vampires can bring on mental or physical exhaustion, depression, self-consciousness, a feeling of being overwhelmed, irritability, anxiety, stress, and physical illness, such as body aches or headaches.

How To Protect Yourself From A Psychic Vampire

coping with an energy vampire

So now that you know how to identify and recognize an energy vampire, here are some coping strategies you can use to minimize the effects they have on you.

  • Don’t make more eye-contact than necessary: Sometimes, social customs make it impossible to avoid eye contact altogether, and that’s fine. But making prolonged eye contact with the energy vampire in your midst can be one of the biggest ways to lose energy fast. Don’t engage with them and what they are saying more than necessary.
  • Set yourself a time limit: Value your time – don’t waste it on an energy vampire who doesn’t deserve it. There’s no reason for you to allow them to zap your energy and numb your brain for several hours. Decide how long you feel obligated to stay in their presence, and then remove yourself from the situation.
  • Practice not reacting: It takes time to learn not to give into the effects of a psychic vampire, but it’s important. Your reactions are what the vampire feeds off. Don’t give them a reason to continue interacting. Learn to be neutral and carefully monitor overly negative or positive emotions.
  • Don’t contradict or argue: At the end of the day, you can’t change anyone – they can only change themselves. So, the more you are resisting their actions and beliefs, the more they will resist and drain you as a result.
  • Be in a group: Being in a group of other grounded people will aid in decreasing how much effort you spend and attention you receive. Of course, these additional people much also not be psychic vampires.
  • Lend an ear, not a voice: More often than not, these energy vampires just need someone to listen to them. But by responding to them, you’ll lose more energy. Keeping responses short with things like “How?” “When?” and “Why?” encourages them to keep the conversation running without much effort on your part. This will help to preserve your energy and possibly help them to feel better, too!
  • Keep the conversation light: Avoid controversial or draining topics. By keeping the conversation light, you can maintain more of your energy. If the energy vampire is steering the conversation to darker topics, try and change the topic to something simple and light.