The Cost of a Psychic Reading – How Much Should You Pay?

Everyone loves a good psychic reading! We all have questions that we want to be answered in our lives. From our love life to our fortunes, health, choices, the path we should take, and so much more – no one should have to go through it alone! That’s why psychics are available to lend a listening ear and provide guidance and advice backed by their spiritual knowledge.

Such a great service doesn’t come free, though. Good things in life rarely do, and it makes sense. To continue helping people, these gifted clairvoyants and mediums need to make money and be able to support themselves. But what does a psychic reading really cost? Do you have to pay an arm and a leg to find out why your boyfriend has been distant lately, or to ask a deceased relative the question you’ve been burning to know?

Here’s everything you need to know about the cost of psychic readings:

Does Price Determine Quality?

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The short answer to this question is: sometimes, but not always!

Sometimes, psychics will charge out the roof for sub-par services. Sometimes you’ll get a great deal from an incredible reader. And other times, the old adage is true: You get what you pay for.

At the end of the day, the price and quality of reading have a lot to do with where you get the reading from. If you get your reading from a reputable source, it will likely offer good quality at a fair price. You can’t expect it to be free or close to it if you want a high-quality reading, but you shouldn’t max out your credit card for reading, either.

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Cost of Online Psychic Networks

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Online psychic networks typically offer high-quality, average priced readings. When choosing a network, you can choose between phone, online chat, or two-way video readings for a good price and get answers wherever you are, when it suits you.

This is a great way to get quick answers to your burning questions without breaking the bank.

In general, you can expect to pay between $1 and $5 per minute for a psychic reading online or over the phone, depending on the experience of the reader and their talent level.

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Cost of Celebrity Psychics

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There are many celebrity psychics out there who have earned a name for themselves in the industry – and they charge for it!

Celebrity psychics who have been around for a while and earned a reputation often charge exorbitant prices for their time. This is because the demand for their services is so high – and even though they charge the big bucks, their waiting list can still be years-long!

What’s important to keep in mind is that, just because a person is a celebrity, doesn’t mean that their readings are necessarily miles better than the psychic with more modest prices. Some very skilled and talented psychics simply choose to stay out of the spotlight!

Cost of In-Person Psychic Readings


While it’s possible to have a virtual psychic reading at a great deal, many people prefer the experience that comes with a face-to-face session.

However, if this is what you want, you might expect to pay a little bit more. This is because, like you, the reader actually has to be somewhere at the same time as you, coordinate a time to meet, sync up your schedules, and pay for the space to conduct the reading in.

The extra trouble this requires usually comes with a higher price tag – but, for many, the experience is worth it.

For an in-person psychic reading, you should expect to pay on average $20 for 10 minutes or $60 for a 30-minute session

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to questions that we most often get asked about the cost of a psychic reading:

Why Do Prices Vary So Much?

There are different tiers of prices. There are free and low-cost readings that are offered by those who are new to the trade and trying to gain experience. Once they have learned more and gained more experience, their price typically goes up. In addition, psychics who work a “day job” and offer readings on the side tend to charge less. If you’re going to opt for free or low-cost readings, make sure they’re from a source you can trust. But also remember that they’re not bad just because they’re cheap! You might be helping a newbie gain some valuable experience while saving yourself a few dollars!

Average priced readings make up another tier, and most professional readers classify as such. Many of these clairvoyants offer high-quality readings. These tend to fall at about $120 per hour. This would be with a spiritual medium that is well-established and experienced.

Mid to high-range readings refer to those who charge higher than average. These psychics typically have a good reputation to justify charging several hundred dollars per appointment.

Finally, there are the most expensive readings. If the fees are very expensive, this typically means you are looking at a celebrity psychic who can justify charging such exorbitant prices. For many people though, they don’t see the need to pay for a celebrity reading when some less famous options offer just as good of a service. The only thing that sets these more affordable psychics apart is that they simply choose to stay out of the spotlight.

Should You Tip Your Psychic?

Sometimes, you may find that a spiritual reading is so overwhelming and accurate that you want to express your gratitude. However, most advisors do not expect you to tip for their service. They have already been paid for their time, and the amazing experience you received is expected. Real psychics choose to use their gift and communicate with the spirit world to help people – not for tips. So, if you want to express your gratitude in more than the fee you agreed upon, you can do so by thanking them for their time, guidance, and help.

What About Free Psychic Readings?

You may have heard about free psychic readings that piqued your curiosity. Remember what we said earlier – psychics are people, too, who still have bills to pay and need to support themselves. While many clairvoyants get in the trade because they want to help people and share their guidance with others, a free service should raise some red flags.

Sometimes, new, emerging psychics offer low-cost or free readings to gain experience in the trade. There is nothing wrong with this, but if you accept this type of free reading, then you should understand that the person is learning and be patient with them. Don’t get upset if they aren’t able to give you answers or their answers aren’t accurate – that is the risk you accept with a free reading.

In other cases, you may be receiving a promotion to try a free reading before to help you decide if you want to pay for future readings. If this is the case, the reading is typically very short, and you can’t get through very many questions. But that doesn’t mean the answers won’t be accurate! Just remember, your free sample likely won’t go very far, and you will eventually have to pay for an in-depth reading for real insight and answers to your questions.