5 Signs of Psychic Dependency and Addiction

Seeing a psychic can help you deal with a problem that’s been emotionally taxing you for a while, but they aren’t there to help you through every little emotional hurtle you have. While it can become overwhelming to make some of the difficult decisions in life, no one can do it for you.

Some people are provided comfort from the advice they receive from their reader and begin to use their time spent with them as a coping mechanism. This is not a good sign. It means you’ve probably developed a psychic dependency.

psychic addiction

What Is Psychic Dependency?

The want for answers about the difficult moments in your life is a normal human desire, but the constant need for those answers is a warning. Psychic addiction is when a person becomes obsessed with getting a reading or calling a hotline more than the usual person. In some cases, the person is emotionally compromised and needs the reassurances, but in a lot of others, they’re using clairvoyants as a coping mechanism to avoid the choices they need to make in their lives.

5 Signs That You’re Addicted to Psychics

There are quite a few signs that can determine whether or not you are addicted to seeing your psychic.

  • You’re unable to make any decision without wanting to get a reading. If you notice that when anything happens in your life you have the urge to call your psychic, you’re dealing with a much bigger problem than whether or not you should buy a pet. Sometimes you know the answer but refuse to accept it, creating this need for you to call to see if they agree with you or not.
  • You’re noticing that you’re spending a bunch on reading, and maybe you’re even going into debt. A large portion of the money you make is going to psychics. Your credit card is maxed out, but you still feel the urge to spend money on readings. When you have no money to spend but still manage to scrape together a few bucks to get a reading, you have a problem. It’s best to identify your addiction and take steps towards getting rid of it before you end up in some serious financial trouble.
  • You’re experiencing obsessive behavior or thoughts. Wanting to call your psychic constantly is not the normal behavior of people who do get readings. In some cases, the clairvoyant themselves become the obsession, and you can’t stop thinking of the next time you see or hear them. In other cases, people become fixated on hearing the answers they want. If one psychic fails to answer the way they want, they’ll move on to the next psychic until they get exactly what they want to hear.
  • If you’re repetitively calling your psychic outside of scheduled sessions or more than a few times a month, you probably have a dependency problem. There are moments in life where you’ll truly experience tragedy and crisis, and you should reach out to someone during this time to help you. Ideally, that person is a therapist who can get you back on track to living your normal life. If you feel a trusted psychic can also assist in your healing process, then go ahead and give them a call. These calls shouldn’t be more than a few times every few weeks for only about an hour. If you find yourself calling your clairvoyant daily over an extended period of time, you should ask for help.
  • Often times people with psychic dependencies have trouble living in the present and look to the future often. Life is about living in the here and now. Humans have no control over what happens to them in their coming days, but that doesn’t stop people from wanting to gain control. People often call psychics in good fun to see what their futures have in store. When you take those readings and try to align your life to exactly what they say, you’ll become frustrated. It’s not a healthy response to a reading. They should bring objectivity and awareness to a situation; they shouldn’t be used as a distraction from living in the present.

How to Overcome Your Psychic Dependency

As with any addiction, you should seek professional help. There are many reasons that people fall into psychic addiction, none of which are your own fault. See a therapist, addiction counselor, or a support group to help you work through your issues. Having a psychic dependency doesn’t mean you should never see a medium again, but it does mean you have to be careful with your interactions and accept what answers you receive without any doubt.

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