Psychic Reading: Different Candles for Different Purposes

If you look at photos related to psychics or have been to a reading before, then you may definitely have encountered candles during your reading. Many individuals who possess the gift see candles as an essential object that allows them to connect with spirits of the other realm. Common belief states that candles are sources of energy that spirits can use to manifest themselves. These objects have been used for many generations for many purposes – mainly for prayer and for connecting with the spiritual.

Different cultures use candles of various colors to invoke emotions, draw good karma or attract material wealth. Not all candles work the same though, as each serves specific purposes and are essential for specific categories. Here is a list of candles and why they are used for:

How Psychic Candles Can Help During A Reading

psychic candles


Black candles are often thought of as objects used for evil rituals and dark arts, but this is often a misconception. These candles are often used to ward off negative and evil energies, and are also used to induce deep meditation.


Blue is a spiritual color, and is used to attract wisdom, inner peace and harmony. Blue is also the color used for situations calling for healing and truth


For psychic readings and situations requiring the attraction of wealth and prosperity, gold is the best option. It is also used for protection and enlightenment, as it represents solar energy.


Many people see psychics to help with their love lives, and red candles may help revive love life.  Red stimulates physical pleasures like lust, courage and strength – especially towards a certain person. Likewise, it may be used to help strengthen passion and fertility.


Green is a color that promotes fertility, prosperity and success. It helps stimulate good luck, increasing money and success in life.


This color stimulates psychic manifestations and helps psychics get into contact with the spiritual world. Purple candles are also very powerful and are used for spiritual development and healing, as well as obtaining power and desires.


Rose is a wonderful color that promotes calmness, helping individuals with anxiety, depression and difficulty sleeping due to nightmares. It stimulates compassion and higher mystical powers.


Symbolizes purity, truth, peace, purification and high spirituality.  This is used to represent lunar energy and is best for meditation and concentration rituals. White candles can be used as substitute for any other color during rituals, which means you can use them whenever you need a different color but do not have them on hand.

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