Beginner’s Guide to Pendulum Dowsing

Pendulum dowsing is a type of divination, or a way to foresee and gain insight into a situation or posed question. It is a fairly simple skill, and can be perfected if the user practices often with their consistency and concentration.

How to Make Your Own Pendulum


Possibly one of the most recognized psychic tools is the pendulum. Lots of people have seen movies of someone being entranced by a hypnotist swinging a dangling object from a string. Aside from the stereotypes set up by the film industry, pendulum readings are a widespread favored type of psychic studies out there.

A pendulum can be made out of only two simple objects:

  1. A small, weighted item.
    • Ideally something that has about an inch in diameter.
    • This is what you will hang from your wire or string. It is not required that this object have spiritual significance to you.
    • This item can be something you find on the ground outside or something that has been passed for generations.
  1. A thin but strong string.
    • This is what you will grasp when swinging your item.
    • A possible material to use could be fishing line, as you do not want the string to draw the eye’s attention.

After you acquire the items and put the whole thing together, you can practice with it to ensure you become comfortable with the motion and understand what it does naturally. Anyone can learn the art of pendulum dowsing if they are patient and practice often.

The History of Dowsing and What It Is Today

Dowsing is historically a practice of divination, or a method to make sense of disjointed details to establish insight into a current dilemma. For example, it originated as a system to locate water and underground metals through the use of a divining rod. A divining rod was a simple device that was essentially a stick with a forked end (which was where the user gripped it).

Pendulum dowsing is a common practice utilized by professional energy healers, but it is also known to elevate your own intuition powers and psychic potential if done correctly.

How to Do a Pendulum Reading

Pendulum readings can either be done by yourself or your preferred psychic. There are important steps to follow for each respective process.

If you are performing a pendulum reading on yourself to ask questions, these are the steps to follow:

  • Make sure you are comfortable.
    • Find a relaxed, possibly secluded area.
    • Release your stress.
  • Keep in mind that most questions posed to a pendulum have Yes or No answers.
    • You will need to figure out the direction your own pendulum will act in for each answer.
    • Memorize the reaction your pendulum has when you ask it to show you yes and no.
  • When you are ready, allow your pendulum to swing free.
    • Concentrate on your question, and pay close attention for your answer.
    • Begin with lighter questions before moving on to more personal ones.
  • Make sure it is still before posing the next question.
    • This ensures that there is no leftover energy from your previous question.
  • Some general notes about the pendulum’s responses:
    • A bobbing up and down motion is usually affirmative.
    • The energy is stronger when it moves faster.

How to Perform a Pendulum Dowsing on Yourself

This is an important process that results in an intuitive awakening of the user when perfected. The key is to avoid distractions and practice your disciplined awareness of the motion. This can be a daily ritual that you organize to fit into your schedule, or simply something you practice when on vacation in a relaxing, secluded space.

By practicing this powerful ritual, you can come to find clarity in problems that have been plaguing you and overall gain more intuitive awareness. This is also an important process for if you are having a psychic perform a reading on you over the phone.

Practicing your pendulum ritual on yourself when on the phone with your psychic is important for several reasons:

  1. It can be difficult to concentrate on your reading when it is being done over the phone or even the internet.
  2. By focusing on your pendulum’s motion, you will be able to absorb your psychic’s words more deeply.
  3. The intense concentration this brings on can lead to immense clarity and coherence, which greatly benefits you during your reading.
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