Can Moles Predict Your Fortune and Your Future?

Marilyn Monroe was apparently in for danger – as a mole on the cheek actually signifies potential accidents, according to Chinese astrologists, that is. There are many ways to predict the future, and moles are just one of them. Apparently, the position of your moles can say a whole lot about your personality, health, state of mind and even your future. Armed with the right knowledge, you can use the information that you gather from mole analysis to prevent untoward incedents and disasters and increase your chances of success.

moles fortune

Where are your moles located, and what do they tell you?

Forehead – Moles located in the center of the forehead may mean problems in communication with people in authority. A mole on the side of the head, however, shows drive, energy and focus.

Eyebrows – Moles located under the eyebrows can signal wealth and steady flow of money.

Eyelids – Moles near the eyes have different meanings. Those on the eyelids symbolize disharmony in the family. Those located under the eyes are called “crying moles,” as tears flow through them. They can signify a person’s being emotional and quickness to crying.

Cheek – If the mole is located next to your smile or facial crease, just like that of Marilyn Monroe’s, it may signify potential danger or accidents.

Ears – Moles inside the ear signify something good – it means that you may life a good life. Moles on top of the ear, on the other hand, symbolizes intelligence.

Chin – A mole on the chin can signify tenacity, stubbornness and determination, which can either lead to success or failure, depending on how you use it.

Lips – A mole on the lips means that you love your food and are generous with it, and you don’t mind paying for the good stuff.

Neck – A mole on the neck is thought to signal disappointment, while one that is located in the center is thought to represent a “wild” individual who is bound to bring your family grief.

Arms – Moles on the arm have different meanings. Those above the elbow show you as a person who can easily get money, while those below the elbow mean that you are a compassionate person.

Hands – moles on the hand represent skillfulness, and it may also showcase “quickness” of hand.

Back – This signifies a burden that you must carry and hard work that you need to do, but if this is the case, then it means that you can also reach success because of this hard work.

Legs – Moles on the upper part of the legs, especially the thigh area represent someone who is extroverted. On the feet, may represent someone who likes going out and moving around. A mole on the knee means that you are lucky and may become wealthy (if you are not already.)

Breasts – Moles on the breasts signify a nurturing characteristic, which will allow you to raise your children successfully.

Do you have moles in your body, and where are they located? Are these interpretations true for you?

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