How To Make Your Own Crystal Ball

Crystal balls are fortune-telling devices whose usage dates back to Celtic Druids. They are often used in the practice of scrying or “seeing,” in which oracles see images within the crystal balls that have significance over people’s lives and aid them in making important decisions.

The word crystal comes from the Greek word Krustallos, which means frozen water. It was first discovered in the Greek mountains, where its finders thought that it was water that had been frozen by the gods, giving it that name.

Crystal balls were widely used during the Roman Empire, but the Medieval Christians condemned them as heretical. However, today they have made a major resurgence in many cultures.

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How To Use A Crystal Ball

Crystal balls have little intrinsic power—their power is derived from the user. The ball merely helps users to unlock images deep within their subconscious. However, these tools must be treated with reverence and respect in order to get the most out of them. The following steps will help you begin to use your new scrying tool.

  1. Select a Ball

You don’t want to choose a ball that is too small because the images will be difficult to decipher, but you also don’t want to choose one that is too large and difficult to transport.

  1. Clean your Ball

Once you choose a ball, you should clean it so that it is physically clean and purged of any bad energies. A gentle cleansing in soap will take care of the physical component, and the smudging process will take care of the rest. Smudging is a process through which a sage smudge stick is lit, and the ball is passed through the smoke it produces several times.

  1. Charging your Ball

Before being used, your ball should be charged in the light of the full moon for a couple nights. However, when it is not being used or charged, it should be kept away from light in a dark box, so it doesn’t lose its powers.

  1. Use your Ball

There are many different methods one can experiment with to the get the best results out of their crystal ball. One simple method you can try first works as follows:

  • Work in a quiet, dimly lit room with a relaxed atmosphere. This can be aided by candles, soft music, or incense.
  • Place the ball on a dark surface in order to minimize reflections.
  • Use whatever method works for you to get your mind into a meditative state.
  • Hold the ball in your hands so that you can build a bond with it and exchange energy. At this point you may think about a topic you may want guidance in or even ask it a question.
  • Place the ball back down on the surface and begin to stare into it. Let your eyes go out of focus and clear your mind.
  • The ball may begin to appear to fill with mist and then images may slowly begin to appear. Try not to interpret them as you see them, just try to remember them. Once the ball reveals what it needs, it will likely fill up with mist again.
  • Thank the ball for it’s revelations and then carefully put it away.
  • Now you may begin to attempt to decipher what you have seen, but be careful not to overthink it. Your subconscious holds the answers so trust it and don’t ignore your intuitions.

This guide is just one way to scry. There are many others, but this is a standard method that you may modify for your individual needs. You may find that some aspects of it work for you and some don’t. That is perfectly alright. Through repeated usage, you will find a ritual that gives you the best experience.

How to Make Your Own Crystal Ball

Authentic crystal balls are often expensive and difficult to find. If you just want to add some flair to your home or want to spice up your Halloween decorations, then a home-made crystal ball will do just the trick. They are surprisingly easy and inexpensive to make.

  1. Find your Ball

A variety of different items will work as the base for your crystal ball from fish bowls to spherical lighting fixtures. Plastic may also work and is probably a better idea if there are small children or pets around.

  1. Wash your Ball

Make sure that no dirt or dust is on your ball so that it has the most authentic appearance. It will also help if you take care to make sure no water spots are left on it as well.

  1. Make clear Jell-O

Mix one package of clear Jell-O following all the instructions except for placing the completed solution in the refrigerator.

  1. Pour the Jell-O

Transport the completed Jell-O mixture into the glass bowl. Make sure it is filled up all the way to the top without any bubbles or air pockets.

  1. Color your Crystal Ball

Use a paint brush and dip it into a light color and then move it through the Jell-O solution. Continue by using as many colors as you would like to design your crystal ball. Make sure to clean your brush thoroughly when switching colors.

  1. Harden the Jell-O

Place the crystal ball in the refrigerator until it hardens completely.

  1. Cover the Opening

Place plastic wrap over the opening of the ball to keep its contents in place. Tie a string around the plastic wrap to help it stay in place.

  1. Display your Homemade Crystal Ball

Flip over your brand-new crystal ball and display it on a flat plate. To further add to the presentation, you can put a decorative fabric around the plate such as satin or velvet.

This simple guide will help you make a crystal ball that looks truly impressive and mystifying. These windows to the future are interesting and have helped many people throughout the centuries make important decisions and direct their lives. They are unique objects with a rich history that is intertwined with the future.

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