How To Radiate Energy and Be Attractive

positive energyYou enter a a room and everyone is complaining and arguing. All you see is the frown on their faces. Then, you find yourself frowning, too. The negative energy has filled the room and affected even you who has just come in. This may seem like a plot for a movie or a work of fiction, but this phenomenon is actually very common.

Whatever energy you emanate, you send it out to those around you, so they feel that energy as well. This means that when you radiate positive energy, you also give off that positive feeling which will, in turn, resonate and affect other people.

People who are negative tend to dispel people close to them, while those who are positive attract people.What better way to spend your time than with people who are happy and affirmative?

Start with yourself

The first step in sharing positive energy is by creating it within your own self. When you begin to look and acknowledge the beautiful things about yourself, you will learn to appreciate yourself more. When you begin to count your blessings, you will learn to love what you have more. You will be able to start a spark of positive energy inside of you that is ready to radiate and spread.

Spread positive energy

As people may constantly say, positive energy is contagious. When you always carry positive vibes, you will be able to share that vibe to the people around you. Positivity can spread throughout the world. How then can you share this energy to your surroundings? Here are some of the ways to do so:

  1. Make other people feel great. The simple gesture of smiling at people you meet and asking how they are can greatly make a positive difference to their day. By making people feel you truly care for them, you are able to make them feel good.
  2. Give thanks. Appreciate the things and people around you. Be thankful for having them in your life. This will help remind you how blessed you are and will in turn create a positive energy. Share this energy by always making it a point to show your gratitude to people who have helped you or have made you happy in any kind of way.
  3. Communicate positively. The way you communicate plays a huge role in the kind of energy you radiate. Incorporating positive words in your conversations can cheer people up. You may use expressions of appreciation, agreement, friendliness and enthusiasm.
  4. Do the things you love.Do you have a favorite hobby that stimulates you? What are the activities that make you feel great? If you love sports, play. If you love art, paint. If you love music, sing. Whatever it is that energizes you, do it. It could make you bring and radiate positive vibes.

Others love to be around people who radiate positivity, and tend to avoid people who suck out energy, which are known as energy vampires. Be that people everyone wants to be with by following the tips mentioned above!

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