How To Prepare For A Psychic Reading

Many people say that they wish that they could go back and relive their first psychic reading. It can be life-changing for some and an eye-opening experience for others. Preparing for this experience can feel intimidating or overwhelming, which is why we’ve compiled some of the most important preparatory steps that you can take in order to set yourself up for success in your first psychic meeting.

1. Think About the Type of Reading You Want

tarot card sessionWhile a psychic reading may seem straightforward, it is actually a phrase that refers to a number of specific types of readings. Among the varying types, there are:

  • Aura Readings
  • Palm Readings
  • Tarot Readings
  • Astrology
  • Rune Readings
  • And Many More!

These and other types of readings can give you different information, depending on what you would like to inquire about. One of the most intriguing types is the “distant reading,” in which the psychic need not even meet the client in person in order to conduct a reading. It can occur over email, text, webcam, phone, or other remote communication.

Whatever type of reading interests you, ensure that you do your research on what you are getting. If you are imagining a palm reading and end up with an aura reading, you may not be in the most receptive state in order to have a productive session.

2. Schedule Your Reading at an Appropriate Time

It may feel tempting to schedule your first reading like you schedule all your other appointments and errands, but a reading must be scheduled with care. Rather than squeezing your session between two other appointments for convenience’s sake, think of a time where you will be ready to fully lend yourself to the session and the reading.

Make sure your appointment slot gives you plenty of preparatory time to get into the right headspace before you go to the meeting. You will also want time to process and reflect after your session. Ensure that you have time to prepare yourself to enter and exit the space properly before getting back to your daily activities.

3. Meditate or Clear Your Mind Before the Reading

meditationWhat many people tend to underestimate is the power of energy in psychic readings. The energy that you bring into the space has the ability to majorly impact the success of the reading. Rushing in from the hustle and bustle of the day is not an ideal way to open yourself up to the universe and the space.

Taking a bit of time to mentally prepare beforehand increases the overall success of the reading and helps to bring better energy into the space. Certainly, never show up to a reading hungover or full of negative energy. Rather, meditate or spend some time clearing your head right before the reading.

4. Write Down Questions You’d Like to Ask Before Your Psychic Reading

take good notees during your psychic readingOnce you get in the room for the first time with a spiritual medium, it can be easy to become overwhelmed. There are so many new factors to consider, and exciting components of the experience, but there can also be elements of this journey that may feel intimidating.

Notating your psychic questions that you have prior to meeting the spiritual medium can help to facilitate a smoother and more productive session, even in the face of overwhelming new stimuli. Consider keeping a journal of questions about the upcoming session, or thoughts that you want to explore.

5. Ask Your Psychic Open-Ended Questions Instead of Yes/No Questions

During your first phone psychic reading, you will probably have an abundance of exciting questions for your spiritual medium. An overlooked component of the reading is how you phrase the questions and how certain ways of phrasing can open you up to even more knowledge and understanding.

Asking a yes or no question can be difficult, as answers may not come to your medium in a literal sense. Asking an open-ended question creates an opportunity for whatever your psychic is seeing and feeling to become an open, enriched experience for you.

Rather than a simple yes or no, your question in this case will be met with exciting pieces of information that can speak to your experience now, in the past, and in the future.  

6. Take Notes During Your Session

take notesWhile in the heat of the moment, the details that the psychic is relaying may feel unforgettable. Upon revisiting the memory of the session though, you may wish you had recorded it, or written it down, so that you could remember important information.

Keeping a notebook to record details during the reading can be a great way to collect important information. That way, you can review and reflect on these insights later in the day. Getting a reading is not something that you may be able to do as often as you’d like, so it is important to make this first reading really count and stay as a lasting memory.

7. Have a Reliable Cell or Internet Connection If Communicating Remotely to Your Psychic

While it may be easy to get back on track if you are interrupted while studying or speaking on the phone with your mom, continuing a psychic reading after being interrupted means completely starting over.

Your spiritual medium must focus and concentrate deeply in order to perform an effective and smooth reading. With a bad internet connection, they may have to repeat information, or hear your question a second or even third time. This can make it difficult for the psychic to build focus.  

8. Avoid Distractions (Turn Off TV, etc.)

girl being distractedEspecially if participating in a distant reading, where your spiritual medium is in a different location and corresponding through webcam or telephone, make sure to reduce any background noise. This may seem harmless, but even a bit of dialogue from a television show, or a loud ringtone going off can make it difficult for your medium to focus.

Being present in the moment and in the session can be difficult but is essential. That is why ensuring that your background noise and distractions are minimized is so important.

9. Don’t Show Up Under the Influence

As stated above, the energy you bring into the space is a key factor in whether or not the session will be what you want it to be. While it may be tempting to combine the use of drugs or alcohol with this spiritual experience, it is altogether an unethical and unrealistic idea.

Coming to a session under the influence means that you will not be able to properly open up to the energy of the room, leading to an ineffective session. In addition to that, it can be a huge disservice to the psychic who is doing the reading, as they may not be prepared to deal with this type of situation.  

10. Don’t Try to “Trick” the Psychic

Some clients may come to a psychic and feel the need to prove that the practice is real before buying in emotionally. They decide to do this by feeding the psychic false information in order to trick or manipulate them, so they can tell if the psychic really has certain gifts and abilities.

The trouble here is that psychic mediums can only do their best job when all of the energy in the space is in line with trying to achieve a proper and productive reading. With this harmful or dishonest energy in the space, it can be difficult to produce any sort of spiritual reading.

Enjoy This Present Moment

While there are many considerations to take into account in order to have a successful first session with a psychic, remember that this is a step for you on your spiritual journey. Enjoy it and to take in what the moment has to offer.

By opening yourself up to the possibilities of the moment, you can gain more knowledge, understanding, and enjoyment in your psychic reading!