6 Tips For Getting Prepared For A Psychic Reading

Do you have a psychic reading coming up? Or are you thinking about scheduling one in the near future? If so, in order to get the most out of your time and the service, it’s best to make sure you are adequately prepared. You want to be ready before you encounter the psychic who is doing your reading.

It’s common to go into a psychic reading with certain expectations and have a certain level of excitement or hope about what you might hear. To make sure that the reading is able to meet your expectations, it’s important that you do your part and come in prepared. Here are some things you can do before the reading to set yourself up for the best success and results.

#1: Write Down Questions You Want to Ask

write down questions before your reading

You may feel like you have a good idea of the things you want to know before you go into the reading. However, while you are in the reading, you may find that that you freeze up and your mind goes blank. Writing down your questions will help to guide the conversation and make sure that you’re not spending half of your reading trying to think of what to ask.

You don’t need to write down too many questions to ask though. Somewhere between 3-5 is usually ideal! That’s because each question you ask will lead you in a different direction of questioning. The reading can bring you to ask questions you hadn’t previously thought of.

#2: Be Open Minded

open minded

If you have certain questions that you want to ask your psychic, then chances are, there is a specific answer you are hoping for. However, psychics are not there to tell you what you want to hear. Their job is to tell you the truth and guide you on the right path. What that means is in order for it to be a productive reading, you need to be open minded and willing to hear whatever it is that they have to say – even if it’s not what you like.

They may not tell you that a certain situation is going to turn out exactly the way that you hope. But for all you know, that might be for the best. The goal of your psychic is not to tell you that you are going to get your way in the short term. Rather, a psychic will guide you towards the happiest future, even if that’s not what you envision it as right now. By helping to nudge you along the right path and do what’s right for you, the psychic will have your best interests in mind. It just may not be in the way that you hope. Therefore, be open minded to what they have to say and respect their advice and guidance – even if you don’t think you’ll actually follow it.

In fact, with time, the unexpected things you heard during your reading may begin to make sense. Or, as you stew on it for a time, the advice your psychic gave may begin to make more and more sense or sound more appealing.

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#3: Relax


It’s completely normal to feel nervous before you have a reading. However, the energy flow of the session will be vastly improved if you can relax. If you arrive feeling like a bundle of nerves, try talking to your reader for a few minutes before you get started. Let them know that you’re feeling nervous and try to make small talk to put you at ease.

Being nervous is expected, especially before a first reading or working with a new psychic. Usually, though, you will naturally relax after a few minutes have passed in the session.

#4: Ask the Right Questions

ask the psychic good questions

If you are only asking yes or no questions, this does not open the door to deeper conversation. Yes or no questions can only be answered in one word. While you may learn what the outcome of a situation will be, you won’t learn how it will come to fruition, or how you can help the situation along to the desired outcome.

For example, instead of asking, “Will my husband and I ever resolve our issues?” try asking, “How can my husband and I improve our relationship?” or “What can I learn from the challenges we are facing?”

By asking questions that promote deeper and more insightful answers, and open the door to further discussion, you can learn the most from your reading. You’ll get more learning and benefits out of your time.

#5: Check Your Expectations at the Door

woman getting a phone reading

It’s all too common for people to go into a reading looking for a specific sign that something they hear is true. For example, in looking for a message from a loved one that has passed, it is normal for someone to go into a reading thinking, “I’ll only believe it’s her if she mentions her cats.”

This could mean a lot to you if you do hear what you are expecting. But if you don’t, then you’re unlikely to believe anything you hear in the reading because you’re too disappointed. However, if the majority of what you hear sounds accurate, don’t resist it. While things might not make sense when you’re in the middle of your reading, there may be an “aha!” moment to come in the near future.

#6: Take Notes

take good notees during your psychic reading

While you may be listening with all your heart during the reading, you may be surprised at how much you forget in the hours that pass. There’ also the risk that you end up adding to the meaning of the reading with your own interpretation versus what the psychic actually said. To fix this problem, come armed with a notebook and pencil and write down everything noteworthy.

You want to write down everything – and even what doesn’t seem noteworthy at the time.  Try not to add too much of your own interpretation of your notes. That way, later if you start to see things in a different way, you have a clean version of exactly what the psychic says. If things start to manifest in a way you don’t expect, things that didn’t make sense in the reading might start to – and you can refer to your notes then.

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