How To Activate Your Third Eye and Become More Spiritually Enlightened

Are you looking to become more spiritually enlightened and aware? If so, then you could benefit tremendously from opening your third eye. So many people have chosen to undergo the challenges that come with working to open your third eye in exchange for the benefits that can be reaped by doing so.

Upon opening your third eye, you will become more perceptive to the things happening around you, have a heightened spiritual awakening, and be able to live your life to its fullest. To a lot of people, that sounds pretty good. Is opening your third eye something that you are interested in? Then let’s get started with the basics:

What Is The Third Eye?

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Your third eye is also known as your Anja chakra or pineal gland, and it connects you to the divine realm. Serving as your gateway to all things spiritual, when you are able to open your third eye, you will be able to experience the world on a level that those who have not opened their third eye cannot imagine.

Some of the things that people tend to experience once they have managed to open their third eye include open-mindedness, clear insight, intellectual balance, and a strong connection to their inner wisdom or intuition.

However, the opposite can happen if you have a third eye that has been constricted or blocked. Some people who are experiencing such things within their third eye struggle with things like:

  • narrow-mindedness
  • insomnia
  • overthinking
  • lack of purpose
  • suffocating beliefs
  • depression,
  • unable to connect with their soul

If you feel detached and lost in your own life, experiencing any of these things, then you might be a person who could benefit from activating your third eye.

What Happens When You Activate Your Third Eye Chakra?

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Many people are able to tune into their natural extrasensory gifts upon the opening of their third eye. These extrasensory gifts are the inherent capacities that we have to tune into various different planes of existence, the most vital of which is our own souls. Everyone has a different level or capacity to do so.

Some extrasensory gifts a person might possess include things like clairaudience (clear hearing), claircognizance (clear knowing), clairsentience (clear knowing through feeling) and clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairempathy (clear feeling), clairtangency (clear knowing through touch), clairgustance (regarding taste) and clairsalience (regarding smell).

Of course, the most important parts of opening your third eye have little to do with labeling your new abilities, but rather getting the most that you can out of the deep enrichment these gifts are able to offer to your, your life, and your ability to understand and connect with the wisdom of your soul.

The Challenges of Opening Your Third Eye

Nearly every person on the planet today began their journey on this Earth by being born into a situation that encourages their third eye to tightly close. In our childhoods, most of us are taught many different ideas, whether societal, religious, or parental. These ideas and dogmatic constructs often result in us becoming alienated from our inner wisdom.

We are taught to obey rules, conform to those around us, and ignore our inner voices. In some cases, these insightful inner voices are even demonized. There’s little wonder why so many people stumble through life struggling to tap into their inner clarity. This can lead them to spend much of their lives feeling confused and weight down by the years of conditioning that have taught them to behave and even think in a specific manner.

A closed third eye can be very disheartening and distressing, and with one, it can be very easy to be led astray on a path that you don’t believe in or that is not meant for you.

How To Know if Your Third Eye Is Open: Signs and Symptoms

Once you have gained the ability to open your third eye, you might be wondering what you should expect. Well, this is a vital experience that varies between the different people who go through it. Some of these signs might happen to you, either spontaneously or slowly.:

  • Tingling or buzzing in your forehead
  • Headaches or migraines as your third eye adjusts to the world
  • Extrasensory experiences or visions during meditation
  • Sudden clarity in your life
  • Develop a strong connection to your inner-knowing and intuition
  • Heightened ability to think for yourself

Many other signs and symptoms have been associated with awakening your third eye, but these are the most common ones to look out for that most people experience. Your experience of opening your third eye might vary significantly from others you might know, but that’s okay. It is a unique and personal journey for every person who embarks upon it!

Opening Your Third Eye: The Process

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Before you start trying to open your third eye, it is important to make sure you are ready. Learning how to do so requires a lot of dedication and willingness to dig deep and make changes to the lifestyle you are accustomed to. However, putting in this effort is always well worth it, and the gifts you are rewarded with will bless your life with clarity for everything that is to come.

Without further ado, here’s how to open your third eye:

  1. Cultivate Silence

In order to open your third eye, it is imperative that you foster silence of the mind. This can be through meditation, absorbing yourself in your favorite sport or art form, or sitting calmly and taking in nature.

This is all important because the perception of your third eye elevates your senses subtly. Some call this the space between or psychic abilities, or even the realm of the invisible. It allows you to hear information and messages that come through your third eye, but only if you are listening — and you can only listen if your life is calm and quiet. Be ready to perceive the whisper of the wisdom of our world, and don’t miss it due to a noisy or busy life.

  1. Hone Your Intuition

You can cultivate your intuition in many different ways. Your third eye will serve as the center of vision, insight, and higher wisdom in your life. This goes hand-in-hand with getting better acquainted with your dreams and what they mean. Maybe you could have a go at lucid dreaming or learning a little bit about reading a horoscope or tarot cards. These are all new ways to practice your intuition in your daily life and activities.

This is essential to the opening of your third eye because your third eye serves as the main seat of higher levels of intuition and perception. At first, when you are trying these new things, they may all feel foreign and strange to you. You might even feel like you are making it up as you go alone! But remember, true skill comes only with practice. In a way, you need to “fake it until you make it.” Introduce these aspects into your life and they will soon begin to feel natural to you. Be curious and learn about new intuitive practices and techniques. In no time at all, you will begin to gain confidence in your own natural abilities.

A word of warning though: don’t take it too seriously or put too much pressure on yourself to “get it right.” Use this as an opportunity to explore the world of intuition and spirituality and have fun with it! Keep your mind open to the wonder and possibility that will come with this new step in your life.

  1. Nurture Your Creativity

Allow your creativity to flow freely! Do this by focusing on activities that promote imagination like learning a new art or craft. It doesn’t need to be perfect, but you simply need to allow the inspiration to run through your hands and prepare yourself to be surprised by the results.

This can help to calm your mind and allow you to take charge of your own reality. It provides more space for your third eye to blossom and unfold!

  1. Stay Grounded

In order to embrace the benefits of a life lived with a third eye open, it’s important to land both feet on the ground. You need to open up gradually by building stable foundations. This allows you to practice proper discernment and interpret your new gifts clearly. With the right energy running through your body, you can support a healthy opening of these new channels of perception in your life.

Once your third eye has been opened, you might experience unusual, disturbing, or unfamiliar information compared to what you have been accustomed to. By being grounded and having enough energy, you can expand your subtle perception dimensions to open yourself to an unhindered perception of the world! This will also aid you in voiding negative symptoms of opening your third eye, such as confusion and disorientation.

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