The 7 Most Famous Psychics of All Time

If you are looking for psychics, then you would probably start with a quick research on the most popular psychics today. After all, they can’t be famous if they are not good in what they do, right? Well, there are so many gifted and talented psychics and intuitive individuals out there, so we can’t really say that those who do not make it to this list are not good. It just means that the ones who made it on this list are more popular on social media or have their own celebrity following or have become celebrities themselves, making their names stand out more than others:

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Terry and Linda Jamison

Terry and Linda Jamison are psychic twins, who have become quite popular in the past few years because their predictions have been publicly documented. One of their most famous prophecies was made in 1999 in front of over 20 million people. During a radio interview on Art Bell Radio, they predicted the 9/11 World Trade Center terrorist attacks in 2000. And of course, nothing is definitely more intriguing than twin sisters with the psychic gift.

Theresa Caputo

Theresa Caputo became popular due to her presence on the television series entitled Long Island Medium. Like most psychic mediums, she began by giving out psychic readings to psychic clients, until eventually becoming popular over time.

Chip Coffey

Born in New York, Chip Coffey has spent plenty of time in front of the camera, because he used to give countless television interviews while he was growing up. He has also worked with ghost hunters on the TV series Paranormal State. Coffey has over a hundred thousand fans on Facebook.

Allison Dubois

Not everyone gets to serve as inspiration for a television series, but Allison Dubois is. She has served as inspiration for the TV show Medium and is also an author of several books on the afterlife, one of which is Don’t Kiss Them Good-bye.

John Edward

He is also another famous medium and is known for his television show entitled Crossing Over with John Edward, where he takes messages from those on the other side and shares them to audience members.

Michelle Whitedove

Coming out as the winner on the show America’s Psychic Challenge, Michelle Whitedove was recently named as America’s #1 Psychic. She is a spirit medium, health intuitive and psychic detective, and was featured in an HBO documentary entitled No One Dies In Lily Dale.

Lisa Williams

Lisa Williams also became a popular name because of television, and endeared herself to hundreds and thousands of viewers through her famous line “Do you want to know everything?” She became known due to her hit television shows, Voices from the Other Side and Life Among The Dead.

These names are just to start a list of some of the most renowned psychics in present day. Do you know any other modern psychic? Feel free to add in to the comments below.

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