Do These 7 Things to Make Your Wishes Come True

190558784_464bcf9e07_zWouldn’t we all like to see more of our wishes come true? I’m sure you’ve heard that if we set our intentions upon our wishes hard enough, they’ll come true, but is that really what we experience? Do you actually see your dreams fulfilled within a favorable time frame?  Well, good news is that there are certain things you can do in order to help your wishes come true more regularly. Today, let’s take a look at seven ways you can be proactive in tackling your wishes:

  1. Pick a dandelion

You may think blowing the seeds off of a dandelion is kids play, but there really is something to making a wish, picking up the biggest dandelion you can find, making your wish, and blowing the seeds off of the dandelion.  When you focus your intent on your wish or desire and blow the seeds off as an act of faith, you set into motion unseen forces that can help your wish come true.

  1. Blow out your birthday cake candles

Again, you may think blowing out your birthday cake candles is just for kids, but this can work for adults as well. You’re never too old to close your eyes, make a wish, and blow those candles out.  You don’t have to stop there either. Some say that if you take a flower seed and plant it along with that same birthday wish, the chances of your wish coming true increase. Also, you get to watch the flower grow, along with your faith regarding the wish you made.

  1. Magical 11:11

Start paying attention to numbers. If you happen to glance at a clock and the time reads 11:11, use that exact moment to make a wish.  Why is this time such a powerful time for wishes Many believe that 11:11 is a symbol of the oneness of humanity, so when you happen to see it, take advantage of the synchronicity and make a wish.

  1. Take up paper-folding

Ever heard of Origami? It’s a Japanese paper-folding art that many believe has some sort of magical power as you engage in the art. In fact, the Japanese legend suggests that when someone folds one thousand origami cranes, your wish will be granted by a crane.

  1. Wishbone wishes

When turkey is on the menu for dinner, be sure to invite one of your family members to grab hold of the wishbone with you once it’s dried out and take a shot at getting the bigger half so you can make a wish! This type of wishing shouldn’t only occur at Thanksgiving time either. Make a nice turkey dinner for the family anytime.

  1. Wish in front of the moon

Be prepared for the next Full Moon. Grab a silver candle, silver ribbon, and a shoe box. Now, put something in the shoe box to symbolize what you are wishing for. For example, if you want a new job or to make more money, put some money in there or Monopoly money. If you want a soul mate, clip out some pictures of the type of guy you want or make your soul mate checklist and put it in the shoe box. Then, when the next Full Moon is present, go sit outside with your things and light the candle. Put the items in the shoe box and make your wish out loud. Tie the silver ribbon around the shoebox and then hide or bury the box, waiting for your wish to come true.

  1. Wear a charm bracelet

Go ahead and purchase some charms for a charm bracelet, symbolizing the things you are wishing for. For example, if you want a puppy, get a puppy charm. If you want more money, get a dollar symbol charm. Take a look at all the charms available and use the best charm to symbolize your wishes and wear the charm bracelet until all of your wishes come true.

Wishing is simply you making an intent of your desires or needs.  The law of attention states that what you put your focus on, you’ll get more of, so it’s time to start focusing on your wishes a lot. Don’t dwell on what you don’t have. Dwell on what you want. Take these tips into consideration so that you can get busy making your wishes come true. Do these things always work? Do all of our wishes come true? There’s no guarantee, but the chances of your wishes coming true when you are actively moving forward with positive intent are much greater.

Now, get to wishing!