How To Choose The Perfect Tarot Card Deck

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Choosing a Tarot deck is a very personal journey. You should feel a special connection to the cards—one that allows you to strengthen your intuition and use it to interpret the unknown. There are so many Tarot decks on the market featuring beautiful illustrations and advanced symbolism. However, what may work for your friend or … Read more

How To Use A Pendulum: A Beginner’s Guide


One of the more popular ways to interact with the supernatural is through divination.  Divination is one of many rituals or processes where a medium attempts to gain insight into situations or questions. There are many different methods of divination like scrying, rune casting or dowsing with a pendulum.  Among these various methods is dowsing … Read more

How To Use A Crystal Ball: Step by Step Guide

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The crystal ball makes its appearance in countless movies, television shows, books, and even paintings about psychic mediums and fortune telling. You may have even seen one on a statue inside a quarter fortune telling machine at a theme park. The crystal ball, however, is far more than a prop. It has a rich history … Read more

How To Use An Ouija Board

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You’ve seen the movies, read the books or someone has told you about the existence of Ouija Boards. At first you wonder, then you get curious and at some point, you may even get the heebie-jeebies before you tell yourself, “No way, it’s not true.” Well, is it? It all depends. If you believe it … Read more

Beginner’s Guide To Rune Stone Casting

Rune stones are divination tools used to help individuals to make life-altering decisions. They are often made from glass, wood, or stones. They come in sets of 24 stones, if the Elder Futhark alphabet is used, and have ancient letters carved onto them. Each symbol has a different meaning. Many times, when you acquire rune … Read more

The Most Common Types of Divination Tools

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When people desire to see the future, there are many routes they can take. They can seek the guidance of a psychic, ask for the insights of a fortune teller, speak to a shaman, ask an oracle, or even divine the future for themselves. Each of these sources has a particular specialty, and the form … Read more

How To Read Angel Cards and Understand Their Meanings

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Angel card readings are rising in popularity, giving anyone the opportunity to connect with angels directly with the purpose of finding clarity in their lives. This technique has become a powerful tool utilized by recipients who need guidance in their life. Ultimately, they serve as a gateway to connecting with angelic figurines up above. Everything … Read more