Top 16 Crystals For Developing Psychic Ability

Using crystals to aid in psychic protection can enhance the aid of the psychic. Crystals are elements that contain energetic properties. Crystals can have the ability to heal spiritual lives and bodies. They can do this by correcting an imbalance of vibrations in the body. If the user is experienced or a beginner, healing crystals … Read more

10 Crystals and Stones To Help Attract Money

Gemstones are more than just something pretty to look at. They can bring powers of wealth, luck, and prosperity to their owner. The positive energy they emit in combination with the cosmic powers, allows you to use them to get whatever your heart desires. For it to be effective, you must choose your own special … Read more

7 Crystals to Boost Your Confidence

Confidence is such an important quality in life. Without it, we find ourselves repressed and voiceless, unable to either effect or accept change, and unable to reach out and connect with others. During a crisis of confidence, most of us retreat inwards to ourselves, and this creates a vicious circle – because the more we … Read more

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