Signs of Being A Clairvoyant and How To Develop Clairvoyance

Have you ever thought that maybe you have some special ability? Do your daydream and wandering mind conjure feelings and images that seem too real to be just your imagination? You might just have clairvoyance.

The images you’re used to seeing on television that depicts clairvoyance are misleading. It isn’t dramatic like you see on TV; it’s subtler than you imagine. The visions that are associated with the ability happen in your mind’s eye and can often feel like you’re making things up in your head or imagining things.

What Is Clairvoyance?


The word itself comes from the two Greek words clair, meaning clear, and voyance, meaning vision. It most often manifests itself through images and gives you insight into your own soul and the collective knowledge of every soul in the universe. Every person has the ability to utilize clairvoyance through a little self-practice.

Those who have strong clairvoyant abilities often find themselves discrediting their abilities. They dismiss them as wishful thinking, wandering of the mind, daydreams, and just their imagination.

The side of the brain that manifests most psychic powers is the same side that hosts your creative impulses: the right side of your brain. This is also where your imagination is housed. Imagination allows you to see things that are not perceivable in the physical world.

Your imagination is also where you’ll find the start of your clairvoyant shapes, images, and light. They appear in the exact way that every creative thought or form of free expression appears. They appear through imagery.

The rise of your clairvoyant powers isn’t always in your face. More often than not, their first appearance is much subtler. It can start with getting frequent headaches, the sensation that you’re losing your vision, or it can be as simple as seeing colors.

Signs That You’re a Clairvoyant

clairvoyant ability

If you feel you might possess clairvoyance but still have doubts, here are a few signs that you’re a clairvoyant.

  • You have visual psychic flashes. These images that you see could be spirits contacting you from beyond. They may appear as floating blobs or orbs, a glowing light around people, shadows that float in the air, flashing or glittering lights in the air, or any twinkling lights or movement in the corner of your eyes.
  • You daydream frequently and it comes easily. Seeing things is a huge part of being a clairvoyant. Visualization allows you to imagine things as they are and how they could be.
  • You see how things fit. For example, you buy a piece of furniture that needs to be assembled. It takes a normal person about 8 to 10 hours to put together this furniture piece. For you, it takes much time because you naturally see how the pieces fit together.  Seeing the completed picture goes far beyond just assembling furniture though, you find it easy to complete word puzzles and mazes as well.
  • You’re drawn to hobbies and jobs that are visually exciting. Someone with clairvoyance might be inclined to decorate their home every week or take on scrapbooking. They’d search for careers in event planning or interior design or landscaping.
  • You can easily plan or envision things in your head. To go along with the previous sign, you can easily see the finished product when you’re decorating your home or landscaping. You know that when you paint the vanity blue that it will go with the accent pillows that decorate your bed.

How Do Clairvoyants Work?

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When psychics get visions in the movies, the event plays out like the psychic is actually there. In reality, receiving a vision isn’t that dramatic. Here are the different ways that a clairvoyant can receive a vision.

  • Your Third Eye

Also known as your mind’s eye, is the place between your eyebrows where chakra flows that allows you to receive messages from your spiritual guides. These messages aren’t visible to the real world. You see these visions/images/messages through your third eye.

  • Movies and Images in Your Head

No to clairvoyants see the same thing when they’re receiving a message. Their psychic sight can come in a variety of forms including a symbol, a snapshot, and moving pictures that are like a movie playing in your head. No one of these makes you better or worse as a clairvoyant, but each one can be utilized to help you and others through difficult times.

  • Symbols

Symbols are a big part of the psychic community, especially those with clairvoyance. Often times the visions that you receive are symbolic. It’ll feel kind of like you’re playing charades with yourself but you can’t always figure out what you’re trying to say.

An example of a symbol you might see is a chocolate cake. A cake could be a symbol for someone’s birthday. Sometimes symbols won’t be so obvious but you’ll figure it out in time.

How to Develop Clairvoyance

  • Practice Visualization. Spending just a few minutes each day on practicing visualization will help you develop clairvoyance. You can do this by picturing different scenes, images, and pictures in your head. You can also practice by simply visualizing numbers from 1 to 10 each day.
  • Play A Game That Promotes Clairvoyance. The game Memory, where you use your memory to try and find the matches, is an excellent way to become more clairvoyant. You could also buy a pack of Zener cards and practice with someone until you get them all right.
  • Utilize Crystals to Open Your Third Eye. Place crystal near you when you meditate or lay them close to your forehead when you plan on sleeping. Clear quartz crystal and lapis lazuli are both known to help open the mind’s eye.
  • Keep A Dream Journal. Clairvoyants have been known to have very vivid dreams and you can practice lucid dreaming to connect with spirit guides to help your clairvoyant abilities. Most importantly you want to make sure you have a dream journal close by so that when you wake up you can quickly record what happened in your dream.
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