Are Psychics Always Right? 7 Reasons Why A Psychic Can Be Wrong

While visiting psychics are a fairly popular thing to do, many individuals have claimed their readings have not worked. Many people visit psychics for many reasons such as wanting to know their immediate future or long-term future, or even the future for their love life. Whether you are looking for clarity or you are just getting a reading out of pure curiosity, it still might make you skeptical when you hear some people say that not every psychic you see will be 100% accurate.

Many individuals ask, “are psychic readings accurate”?

7 Ways A Psychic Can Be Wrong During A Reading

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  1. Misinterpretations

It is possible that the psychic has misinterpreted the information they received. No one is perfect, and at times psychics are fallible. Many psychics can see an image that could have a hundred different meanings, but the medium gives you the meaning they think the message was supposed to convey.

For example, let’s say a psychic sees a red truck and says they see a red car, and that you’re about to buy a red truck, but that’s the car you’re already driving. This means the psychic is wrong. Instead of describing the image, they are interpreting information.  Now, this doesn’t mean they are completely wrong. It just means they assumed differently on the picture they received.

  1. The Psychic Is Having a Bad Day

Just like anyone with a job or profession, clairvoyants are normal people, albeit with extraordinary gifts, but they can have bad days, too. If they are experiencing something outside of their profession that has bothered them emotionally or psychically, they may not be grounded that day.

Sometimes if a medium is going through something personally, they can be ultra-sensitive, or they can’t sense anything at all because their senses are too distracted. Sometimes it can be they have done too many readings in one day, and they have been working continually without a break. Some readers can just use a breath of fresh air and a snack.

If the psychic you are seeing seems a bit scattered or distracted that day, then suggest rescheduling your reading.

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  1. They Are Too Close to Who They Are Reading

Sometimes close friends and family are the easiest to read. One of the reasons a psychic isn’t always accurate is because they could be too emotionally and personally attached to the person they are reading. For the best results, the clairvoyant needs to read someone they are neutral with. It’s extremely hard to read someone you already know a lot about. However, at the same time, clairvoyants can continue reading their regular clients if they keep the appropriate amount of distance between their personal and professional lives. It’s true that some psychics are able to read friends and family. It really all depends on the reader.

  1. They Are Picking Up Sentiment

If the medium is picking up sentiment, they often can get it wrong, This is because they are picking up emotions that are connected to the event rather than the event itself. In order for successful readings to happen, a psychic must stay neutral and detached. Sometimes they can predict the outcome of something but only the sentiment.

  1. The Outcome Was Right, But the Issue Hasn’t Happened Yet

Many individuals believe that a reading was inaccurate just because it hasn’t happened to them yet. However, this doesn’t mean the psychic got anything wrong. It just means they got the outcome right, but it just happened to the client yet.

Most clairvoyants skip over the little steps and scenarios that lead to the conclusion they are getting to. In addition, they might have picked up on a particular event that happens before the conclusion. At first, it may seem the psychic was wrong because the events turned out in a different order than predicted, or you just haven’t made it to the conclusion yet and you aren’t being patient with your expectations!

  1. Biases

A bias can sometimes get in the way. Just like we said earlier, they are humans too, with opinions and beliefs of their own. Sometimes during their readings, their unconscious prejudice comes out. The most common types of biases are religious, cultural, or political. For example, if a clairvoyant leans more towards socialism, they might have a bias towards a client who prefers capitalism. They can get readings wrong if they are unaware of their personal bias filter. It’s important they read without a bias or opinion, and to save those views for outside their profession.

  1. The Future Can Change

It is hard for a reading to be fully accurate about the far future when everyone has their own free will. This means you are able to change your mind at any given time in life, which results in your future changing. The future is the one thing psychics know aren’t set in stone. Some people see psychics to learn of their future, so they can, if necessary, change their outcome by making different decisions down the line. But with the future in flux, a clairvoyant can only be a guide and not always foresee exactly what will happen. The future depends as much on their readings as on your actions.

Final Thoughts

When it comes time to select a psychic for your needs, there are a plethora of options available.  Check out my top psychics list and see which companies offer the best psychic readings by phone or online chat.

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