How To Use Spiritual Cleansing To Release Negative Energy

spiritual cleansing

Do you find yourself tired at the end of the day? Are you struggling to access emotions? Do some interactions leave you feeling drained of all your energy? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might be overdue for a spiritual cleansing session. This practice removes negative energy and enforces positive endurance. … Read more

6 Sure-Fire Signs That You Have Clairvoyance


Do you ever wonder if your daydreams are just your imagination or if they hold a greater significance in your life? Can you close your eyes and instantly conjure up detailed scenes or images? Does your mind solve visual puzzles seemingly automatically? Those with the gift of clairvoyance may be tempted to write off their … Read more

How To Do Telekinesis and Move Objects With Your Mind


Telekinesis (TK), also known as Psychokinesis (PK), is the ability to move an object using your mind. This mental power allows you to levitate or move objects at a distance. We see this sort of thing in movies, however, is it something that we as humans can actually do? The movie Carrie is a great … Read more

How To Choose The Perfect Tarot Card Deck

tarot decks

Choosing a Tarot deck is a very personal journey. You should feel a special connection to the cards—one that allows you to strengthen your intuition and use it to interpret the unknown. There are so many Tarot decks on the market featuring beautiful illustrations and advanced symbolism. However, what may work for your friend or … Read more

Psychometry: Reading Objects With The Power of Touch

object reading

Psychometry is one of many forms of scrying – or, in non-psychic terms, a way of seeing something that cannot typically be seen. Psychometry relies on touch and tangible, physical objects. Psychometry is reading the energy of a physical object. The reading you will usually get will have to do with the object’s history. It … Read more

How To See Auras: A Beginner’s Guide

seeing someone's aura

Reading auras of other people is a great way to analyze the energy they give off. You get to know the kind of person they really are. But auras aren’t as simple as mainstream media tries to make them out to be. They are complicated energetic fields. Even still, everyone has the capability to read auras if … Read more

The 10 Most Famous Psychic Mediums of All Time

john edward

People are always intrigued by the extraordinary. The realm of psychic abilities is certainly no exception to this. Often the topic of debate or a focus of supernatural storylines on television, psychic abilities captivate people. A psychic uses their abilities and innate intuition to peer into the future, present, and past. This can involve communicating … Read more

How To Communicate With Your Spirit Guides

spirit guide

Do you have a guardian angel? Do you often feel like there is a presence that follows you everywhere you go? If this happens to be the case, you may have a spirit guide. This energy that you can’t quite explain is more common than you may think. Many people have spirit guides, even though … Read more

How To Use A Pendulum: A Beginner’s Guide


One of the more popular ways to interact with the supernatural is through divination.  Divination is one of many rituals or processes where a medium attempts to gain insight into situations or questions. There are many different methods of divination like scrying, rune casting or dowsing with a pendulum.  Among these various methods is dowsing … Read more

How To Use A Crystal Ball: Step by Step Guide

seeing the future

The crystal ball makes its appearance in countless movies, television shows, books, and even paintings about psychic mediums and fortune telling. You may have even seen one on a statue inside a quarter fortune telling machine at a theme park. The crystal ball, however, is far more than a prop. It has a rich history … Read more

What Is A Medium?


The psychic world can be a little confusing if you’re new to it. Even those who are familiar can have trouble keeping up with important terms like psychic or medium. Contrary to belief, there is a distinct difference between the two, and we’re here to walk you through these differences. Psychics and mediums continue to … Read more

The Best Questions To Ask A Psychic During A Reading

psychic medium with candles

Preparing for a psychic reading can be difficult. What questions should you ask? Which type of psychic fits best with the advice you’re seeking? These are the two most confusing issues involved in choosing a psychic. They potentially lead to people getting frustrated and giving up before they get the help they need. But, this guide … Read more

Psychic Dependency: Signs That You’re Addicted To Psychics

psychic dependency

In this day and age, we’ve become used to having the ability to get what we want at a moment’s notice. This desire for instant gratification has carried over into the world of psychics with people being able to get a reading performed at any time. The occasional reading isn’t harming anyone and can even … Read more

Signs of a Guardian Angel Watching Over You

guardian angel

Angels are spiritual beings tasked with providing love and guidance to humans. Through their presence in our lives, angels can offer us comfort and give us the strength we need to fulfill our purpose on Earth. Angels can send messages of wisdom and encouragement in many different ways. These messages can be elusive by appearing … Read more

The Beginner’s Guide To Opening Your Third Eye

activating 3rd eye chakra

The third eye is shrouded in mystery and false notions. People create myths about what the third eye is and how to open it. These myths lead people astray. They cause people to become confused and frustrated when they gain no results. The third eye is a powerful tool if understood correctly. To dispel all … Read more

Signs of a Psychic Attack and How To Protect Yourself

psychic attack

Do you ever have days when you get hit with a strong, negative energy that throws your day off balance? These feelings can include distress, insecurity, or a constant feeling that something is wrong. You will probably dismiss this as “one of those days,” but you may be a victim of a psychic attack. Psychic … Read more

How To Prepare For A Psychic Reading

tarot card session

Many people say that they wish that they could go back and relive their first psychic reading. It can be life-changing for some and an eye-opening experience for others. Preparing for this experience can feel intimidating or overwhelming, which is why we’ve compiled some of the most important preparatory steps that you can take in … Read more

4 Techniques To Help You Remember Your Past Life

past life regression

Our spirits have lived thousands of lives. We’re all “old souls” with countless stories to tell – if only we could remember them. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to tap into our subconscious memories and relive our past lives once more. You may know nothing about your past life and are curious to see … Read more

9 Signs That You Have Clairaudience

psychic hearing

Clairaudience is an ability that anyone can develop with practice and an open mind, but for some people, it comes naturally. Are you one of them? Contents1 What Is Clairaudience?2 Signs That You May Be Clairaudient2.1 You’re very sensitive to sound2.2 You hear ringing/buzzing sounds that no one else can hear2.3 You had an imaginary … Read more

How To Perform a Seance At Home

Whether you’ve recently lost a loved one or you wish to contact the dead for some other reason, performing a séance is one method to open the door to the spiritual world. These ritual ceremonies can be performed at home in a number of ways and have been said to unlock the key to the … Read more

The Cost of a Psychic Reading – How Much Should You Pay?

price of reading

Everyone loves a good psychic reading! We all have questions that we want to be answered in our lives. From our love life to our fortunes, health, choices, the path we should take, and so much more – no one should have to go through it alone! That’s why psychics are available to lend a … Read more

Having Psychic Dreams? Here’s What They Mean

psychic dream

Dreams mystify even the most hardened skeptic. When you awake from a nightmare frightened, not by anything particularly scary, but by a lake, or a handshake, it becomes obvious that dreams appeal to something deeply symbolic within the human mind. Sometimes, we dream of someone we haven’t seen for an age, and they contact us … Read more

How To Use Telepathy To Read Someone’s Mind

reading someone's mind

At certain times in your life, you get the urge to know someone better. Something is attracting you toward this person, and it goes beyond what can be expressed in normal conversation. This can be a friend, a family member, or a lover. It is a yearning for a psychic link; a desire to read … Read more

Remote Viewing Techniques For Beginners

remote viewer

Remote viewing is the psychic phenomenon of projecting your mind to receive information, without leaving your body. It encompasses an amalgamation of traits of other psychic abilities, such as extrasensory perception, telepathy, and astral projection, without equaling these abilities. In the early days of its discovery, it was also known as ‘telesthesia’ and ‘traveling clairvoyance’. … Read more

Signs That You May Be A Psychic Empath and How To Deal With It


Being born an empath is not something you can control – it’s something you are bestowed. Once it becomes clear you are an empath, you’ll need to develop mechanisms and strategies of coping with your gift day to day. It can at times be stressful and draining, but with proper understanding and listening to the … Read more

How To Enter Someone’s Dreams Through Dream Walking

enter someone's dreams

People have always been fascinated by the mysteries of the unconscious mind. Everyone has had a strange dream, perhaps about someone or something they haven’t thought about in years, and thought “Where did that come from?” and “What does it mean?” Dreams can also be about objects, people, or situations we have never encountered before. … Read more

Psychic Awakening Signs and Symptoms

psychic awakening

Have you ever felt like you want to take your life back into your own hands or felt that you have experienced a desire to change? You may be on the verge of a psychic awakening. A psychic awakening in simple terms is a re-connection with reality. This connection then facilitates a healing from old … Read more

3 Psychic Signs To Know if Someone Is Thinking About You

emotional woman

Have you ever been going about your business when suddenly—seemingly out of nowhere—you are reminded of a specific person? It sometimes is someone close to you, but other times it can be an old friend you’ve lost touch with entirely or a former lover that you parted ways with years ago. Sometimes these feelings urge … Read more

Psychic Healing Techniques

psychic healing

To understand how to effectively employ psychic healing techniques, you need to first learn a little bit about psychic healing and what it is. At its core, psychic healing is an exchange of energy. It’s like a conversation that takes place between two people’s energies. Psychic healing involves one individual transferring healing energy to someone … Read more

Astral Projection Guide – How To Perform Astral Travel Safely

astral projection

In plain terms, astral projection is an out of body experience. It is one of the most powerful forms of these experiences. During astral projection, the soul is separated from the physical body. The astral is the subtle body that hovers over and observes the environment. It can even cross time and space barriers to … Read more

How To Use An Ouija Board

ouija board

You’ve seen the movies, read the books or someone has told you about the existence of Ouija Boards. At first you wonder, then you get curious and at some point, you may even get the heebie-jeebies before you tell yourself, “No way, it’s not true.” Well, is it? It all depends. If you believe it … Read more

Beginner’s Guide To Precognition

Some people get a sense of doing something that they’ve already done, or they think about someone randomly just before they call. All this could be a sign that you have precognition. But your senses may be underdeveloped or underutilized. So, in this article, we are providing a guide to help you hone and engage … Read more

Beginner’s Guide To Rune Stone Casting

Rune stones are divination tools used to help individuals to make life-altering decisions. They are often made from glass, wood, or stones. They come in sets of 24 stones, if the Elder Futhark alphabet is used, and have ancient letters carved onto them. Each symbol has a different meaning. Many times, when you acquire rune … Read more

The Most Common Types of Divination Tools

dowsing with a pendulum

When people desire to see the future, there are many routes they can take. They can seek the guidance of a psychic, ask for the insights of a fortune teller, speak to a shaman, ask an oracle, or even divine the future for themselves. Each of these sources has a particular specialty, and the form … Read more

Beginner’s Guide To Psychic Meditation

Just about everyone has heard of psychic meditation before, but what they don’t know is what it truly is and how it is done. Many individuals think meditation is just sitting in a quiet room, closing your eyes and breathing deeply, however, there is much more to meditation than just those aspects. Psychic meditation is … Read more

16 Crystals For Developing Psychic Ability

crystals and gemstones

Using crystals to aid in psychic protection can enhance the aid of the psychic. Crystals are elements that contain energetic properties. Crystals can have the ability to heal spiritual lives and bodies. They can do this by correcting an imbalance of vibrations in the body. If the user is experienced or a beginner, healing crystals … Read more

Signs That Your Child Is Psychic and How to Help Them

listen to child

Every parent thinks their child is special. But have you ever thought that maybe your child was uniquely special—perhaps to the point of having special abilities? If so, there’s a strong possibility that your child is a psychic. It could be that your kid mentioned something in passing that later came to be true. Or … Read more

How To Tell If A Psychic is Fake or Real

fake psychic

Having a good reading with a psychic can ease anxieties, clarify questions you may have, and even help you make decisions. Because of the delicate emotional nature of psychic readings, however, those who seek this type of guidance are often vulnerable to scams and frauds that feed off of the need for help and reassurance … Read more

How To Read Angel Cards and Understand Their Meanings

My tarot cards with a crystal ball. Major arcana.

Angel card readings are rising in popularity, giving anyone the opportunity to connect with angels directly with the purpose of finding clarity in their lives. This technique has become a powerful tool utilized by recipients who need guidance in their life. Ultimately, they serve as a gateway to connecting with angelic figurines up above. Everything … Read more

Signs That Your Spirit Guide Is Trying To Contact You

spirit guide

Perhaps you’ve heard about spirit guides, but you’re not sure what they are. Today, we’ll discuss a little bit about them so that you can move forward connecting with yours. Contents1 What is a spirit guide?2 10 Signs of a Spirit Guide’s Presence2.1 1. Sensation of Presence2.2 2. Ringing in the Ear2.3 3. Flash of … Read more

How To Tap Into Your Psychic Abilities and Unlock Your Psychic Powers

psychic powers

Everybody has the potential to use psychic abilities because everybody possesses the ability to do so whether they know it or not. Your spiritual skills simply need to be trained and developed in order for you to truly connect with your intuition and allow your psychic abilities to become apparent. There are certain techniques that … Read more

15 Signs That You Have Psychic Abilities

psychic abilities

Are you psychic? Could you develop clairvoyant skills or become a medium? There are some schools of thought which hold that we are all psychic to a greater or lesser extent, while others believe that only some people are born with natural psychic skills, or may develop them later in life. Whichever is true, there … Read more

5 Fun Activities for Psychic Development

Exercises for Psychic Development

Psychic abilities are like all other kinds of abilities – the more you learn and practice, the more skilled you become. You might think it’s tricky to practice psychic skills, but actually there are numerous fun ways you can test yourself, whether alone or with friends. As well as being enjoyable, these exercises and games … Read more

Spiritual Grounding Techniques: How To Ground Yourself Spiritually

spiritual ritual meditating face of Buddha

Being spiritually grounded is a great step to take to help you live a happier, calmer, and more fulfilled life. Being grounded has all around benefits to your life that can impact you in many different positive ways. Do you find yourself often feeling stressed or full of anxiety, feeling lost or depressed, or having … Read more

Signs of a Psychic Vampire and How To Protect Yourself

psychic vampire

Do you ever feel unexpectedly drained for no apparent reason? Like the energy and life has been sucked out of the entire atmosphere of a room with no logical explanation? If so, you might be dealing with a psychic vampire. If you’ve never heard of such a thing before, you’re probably wondering, “What’s a psychic … Read more