How To Do Automatic Writing and Channel The Spiritual World

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One of the main causes of psychic failure is that the individuals involved are not able to clear their minds. Whether it’s due to preconceived expectations, skepticism, excitement, fear, or something else, the ego is a powerful entity to overcome.

This is a common struggle for many who are just getting acquainted with psychic powers. Fortunately, however, there are ways that you can ease your conscious and open your aura to the spiritual world. Automatic writing is one of them.

If you’re interested in performing automatic writing, whether it’s to channel a spirit or communicate with your higher self, read on for everything you need to know about this powerful psychic ability.

Automatic Writing and Claircognizance

When it comes to psychic abilities, many usually think of clairvoyance (the power to see spirits) or clairaudience (the power to hear spirits).

While these abilities are powerful in their own right, they are very rare and only a few mediums and psychics possess these gifts. Claircognizance, on the other hand, is an equally powerful ability that many can find from within.

Also referred to as “clear knowing”, claircognizance can help someone achieve supernatural knowledge from the spiritual world. This ability requires the individual to subdue their conscious mind so that spirits and higher powers can generate thoughts for them.

One way to develop claircognizance is to practice automatic writing.

Automatic writing is a form of claircognizance because it requires the individual to clear their mind and allow their hands to write freely with the help of spiritual guides. During automatic writing, an individual’s conscious essentially acts as a spectator as their hands move across the page to convey messages from the beyond.

People perform automatic writing for a variety of reasons, from communicating with the dead, to uncovering spiritual truths, seeking guidance from their higher selves, and more.

How To Do Automatic Writing: Step by Step Guide

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  1. Choose Your Writing Medium

When automatic writing was first developed, it was solely performed with pen and paper. Today, however, we have a greater selection of writing mediums thanks to technology.

Some still advocate for the pen and paper method, claiming that technology can interfere with spirits and mediate your thoughts. Others, support the use of technology, arguing that many are able to type faster than they can write by hand, therefore allowing them to catch fleeting spiritual messages more effectively.

Whichever method you choose, it is a good idea to set up your writing station somewhere that is free of distractions and possible interruptions.

  1. Channel the Spiritual World

There are many different reasons why people practice automatic writing. Creative writers, authors, and essayists, for example, practice a similar type of writing known as free flow writing in order to tap into their creativity and uncover certain truths buried within their subconscious.

In spiritual terms, however, automatic writing directly means channeling spirits, angels, the higher self, or some other supernatural entity. If you have a specific spirit or power in mind, thinking about that person before you start writing can help increase your chances of forming a psychic connection.

  1. Free Your Mind of Conscious Thought

In order for automatic writing to work, it is essential that you free your mind of conscious thought. This can be challenging at first, however, with some practice you will find that is easy to do. For starters, it is essential that you eliminate any distractions. Some people also like to meditate before their writing session in order to enter a spiritual trance.

  1. Start With a Question (Optional)

Some people like to start automatic writing with a completely blank page, allowing spiritual thoughts to come to them freely. If this method isn’t working for you, however, it may help to start by writing down a question. This can help engage spirit’s interests and focus your efforts on getting the answers you’ve been looking for.

  1. Allowing the Words to Flow Freely

When performing automatic writing, it’s not only important to clear your mind beforehand, but also to keep your conscious thoughts subdued during the entire session. While you are writing, your conscious should remain a mere observer as your hands move across the paper or keyboard.

Don’t worry if the words don’t make sense at first. It is normal for individuals to write a lot of nonsense before they arrive to the clear message from the beyond. If you overanalyze your writing during your session, however, you could interfere with the spiritual connection.

Imagine automatic writing like a radio frequency, as you write freely, you will likely produce a lot of “static” or words that don’t make sense. However, if you keep your mind clear and open to the spiritual world you may pick up a “frequency” from beyond, containing supernatural information.

These words from the ethereal world will manifest out of nowhere with no conscious effort on your part. Allowing your hands to write freely during the entirety of your session gives you the best chance of uncovering a spiritual message.

  1. Review Your Results

Once your automatic writing session is over, now it is time to review your work. If you properly subdued your conscious mind, you may be surprised to find some of the words on the page, as the spirits will have implanted those words in your mind and influenced your subconscious to write them down.

In other cases, you may just end up with a lot of words that don’t seem to make sense. If this is what happens to you, don’t worry. Automatic writing often takes several tries as your powers of claircognizance get stronger. The best thing to do is to simply clear your mind and try again. You will find that the more you practice claircognizance the more in tune you will become with your spiritual self.

How to Know if Automatic Writing Worked

One of the most common questions when it comes to automatic writing is “how do I know if the writing came from my own thoughts or psychic entities.” The answer is simple. When you write normal thoughts, your conscience is in control. With automatic writing, however, the words will seem to form out of thin air, typically providing some sort of revelation.

Another way to tell whether you are channeling spiritual guidance is by analyzing the “voice” of the writer. Typically the voice that is established through automatic writing will be different than the “voice” in your head or the way that you typically write.

In the end, the information you receive through automatic writing should feel enlightening by nature. It should make you feel more in tune with the spiritual world and give you a sense of peace. If you find yourself writing negative thoughts, chances are your conscious mind is interfering or you are tapping into a source that you shouldn’t be channeling.

Whether you want to communicate with the beyond or simply improve your powers of claircognizance, automatic writing is a great exercise that can strengthen your spiritual powers.