Are You Claircognizant? 6 Signs That You Have The Psychic Ability of “Clear Knowing”

You know that strong intuitive feeling of clear knowing that you may get from time to time? If you’ve never felt it, that’s normal. However, there are people who have natural claircognitive abilities without even knowing it. What this means is they can think about something such as a question and receive answers internally within … Read more

How to Read Objects: Psychometry Made Easy

Psychometry is the psychic practice of reading, or sensing, the history of an object and its owner through touch. Other names the ability is also commonly known by include psychoscopy, token-object reading, and clairtangency. The History of Psychometry The term ‘psychometry’ was first coined in 1842 by an American physiology professor named Joseph R. Buchanan. … Read more

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