12 Unusual Forms of Fortune Telling and Divination

When talking about divination and precognition, most people instantly visualize tarot cards, numbers, horoscopes or crystal balls. Fortune telling is already an odd thing, yet psychic prophecies do not just end here.

There are numerous other unusual ways of divination which have been used by our forefathers, and lots of these are still applied at present. Some of these weird psychic methods are listed below.

1. Onychomancy


This psychic method makes use of fingernails or nail clippings to foresee the future. For ages, fingernails have been used in incantations, spells and voodoo magic mainly because people view fingernails to be carrying some form of peculiar power. The art entails oiling the fingernails of a boy, and spinning them gradually until they glisten under the sun. Symbols are believed to show up from this. By means of these images or symbols, you will be able to see the future. Additionally, there is a meaning as to which finger the images appear. Every single finger is assigned to a time period or point in the target person’s life.

2. Ailuromancy


Ailuromancy, otherwise known as felidomancy, is another weird psychic method which involves observing how your cat jumps or moves. This is particularly effective in predicting the weather. When you see a black cat cross your path, ailuromancy considers it a bad omen. When a cat licks its left ear thrice, expect a female visitor. When it does it on its right ear, expect a male caller on his way.

3. Cromniomancy


This divination method utilizes onions. In the past, cromniomancy was used to foretell how growing seasons would go. Prior to cultivating the whole farm, farmers would usually plant a couple of onion sprouts. One of the onions would correspond to unfavorable, while the other one, favorable. The onion sprout that grows first is considered as the best prediction.

4. Margaritomancy


Margaritomancy emanates from the Latin term margarito, which means “pearl.” This method of divination is done by casting or examining pearls. Generally, the pearls would be tossed into some form of container. If the pearls fell on that particular side, it indicates something positive. If they stopped in some other area, expect a negative answer.

5. Moleosophy


Moles can reveal exactly what kind of future you may have. If you have an idea about how to accurately read them, you will have a guide about your future right from your own body. Mole on or close to your navel means you want youngsters. When the mole is located on your butt, that implies being lazy and less driven. A mole on your back signifies you are fairly difficult to rely on. You are lucky when you have a mole on your ears. You are adventurous when your mole is located on your elbow. Dishonesty is revealed by a mole on the fingers.

6.  Ichthyomancy


Ichthyomancy is the ability to read the future simply by looking at the entrails and head of a dead fish. Some practitioners of this ability are also able to use the movements of a live fish to read the future, generally when swimming around a specially consecrated pool. As you might expect, this is an extremely ancient art, having been practiced in both the Babylonian and Phoenician times.

7.  Myomancy Myomancy

Let’s stick with the theme of living creatures for the moment. Myomancy is a really unusual ability, one that involves reading the future by observing the movements of both rats and mice. This ability probably comes from the fact that, many years ago, damage from rats and mice was seen as an evil omen. Some people even believe myomancy is mentioned in the Bible, in Isaiah 66:17 – you can draw your own interpretations on this though.

8. Rhapsodomancy


Rhapsodomancy is perfect for those with a love for poems, as this is the ability to gain information by randomly choosing a passage from certain poetry. Choosing the passage can be done in many ways, but the most popular are placing them in an urn and selecting one at random, and rolling dice and selecting the verse that the die lands on. It’s thought that this practice stretches all the way back to ancient Rome, and went by the name Sortes.

9. Ceromancy


This is possibly better known than the previous entries, however it still is not practiced widely at all. Ceromancy is the ability to read the shapes that are formed when melting wax is dropped into a pool of water. Sometimes it can also be the practice of simply looking into the candle’s flame and getting information from it. It is thought that this form of divination was commonly practiced in England and Sweden at some point in the past, and is now most commonly practiced in voodoo in Haiti.

10. Alectryomancy


Alectryomancy is when someone watches a bird (prefereably a white rooster) or a flock of birds while they peck at grain. This can be done by arranging the grain into a word and then seeing which parts of the word the birds peck at, or by simply analysing patterns in randomly scattered grain. Alectryomancy can also be associated with alectormancy, which is the sacrificing of a rooster, although it certainly doesn’t have to be.

11. Belomancy


Belomancy uses arrows and is an ancient type of divination. It generally works by tying three different answers to three different arrows, and they are then fired: the arrow that travels the furthest is seen as having the correct answer. This is another form of divination that could have been mentioned in the Bible, in the Book of Ezekiel 21:21. It was practiced by the ancient Greeks, as well as the Babylonians.

12. Pyromancy


Pyromancy is a form of divination whereby the flames of a candle or fire are observed. It is thought that pyromancy is one of the earliest types of divination, and that it was practiced in many different ancient cultures, including in ancient Greece. It has also spawned a number of more specific methods of divination using fire, including alomancy (throwing salt into a fire), botanomancy (burning plants) and sideromancy (burning straw using an iron).