10 Crystals and Stones To Help Attract Money

Gemstones are more than just something pretty to look at. They can bring powers of wealth, luck, and prosperity to their owner. The positive energy they emit in combination with the cosmic powers, allows you to use them to get whatever your heart desires. For it to be effective, you must choose your own special stone so as to allow the vibrations to achieve the maximum effects of the gemstone’s powers. With an understanding of all of the gemstones connected to finances, wealth, and money, you can therefore choose the one that suits you the best. For this process to work, you must believe in the powers of the crystals, and keep the mind clear.


jade crystal

Commonly known as the stone of wealth, it will bring prosperity, success, and affluence to your life. With it, you will have the wisdom to analyze issues and make the right decisions in your business. It provides energy and allows you to work well in stressful situations. If you are struggling in business, the jade stone can help your business prosper and bring it good fortune. The jade stone works with your health and happiness to prosper you financially.


amber crystal

Amber is a stone that will help you cope with change and follow your dreams. It is known to open the crown chakra to allow you to access ancient cosmic wisdom. If you are struggling with making choices, amber can help you make the right one while also purifying your spirit and your heart. Amber helps you remove obstacles that are standing in the way of your success while also converting negative energy into positive energy. This powerful stone also helps the body heal itself and provides luck and protection.

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citrine crystal

Also known as the merchant stone, it used to be placed inside cash registers to bring in prosperity. This stone is considered a stone of success simply because it helps you to keep money once you get it. If you are a business owner, try placing a small citrine stone in your cash register to see what happens.

Yellow Sapphire

yellow sapphires

To attract prosperity and wealth in your home, the yellow sapphire is the ideal gemstone. It will help to make you a successful person and allow you to achieve your life goals. For success in business, place the yellow sapphire in the north direction of your home office. It will open new opportunities for business growth and expansion while also helping to improve your mental skills and concentration to allow greater financial success. Wearing a yellow sapphire is said to provide you with a luxurious and comfortable life.

Hessonite (Garnet)

hessonite crystal

Hessonite stones is commonly considered a career in business stone. It increases your popularity with the people who work with you and makes you more favorable to your boss or other superior. Keep one of these stones in your office, and it will attract both prosperity and wealth to help you become more successful. If you are involved in business, this stone is highly recommended for economic prosperity.


emerald stone

Emerald is a stone known for its power to bring happiness and wealth into your life by improving your confidence and thinking capacity. If you’re trying to land a large deal, the Emerald can help you do so. Emeralds are thought to increase cash flow in your home, to make you more affluent and rich. The lush green color of the stone has been known to attract success, wealth, and money. Wearing emeralds will provide wisdom and enhance your intuition. The peaceful vibrations will counteract the ill effects of the planet Mercury. In addition, it will improve your mental skills and memory to provide courage and confidence to overcome challenges.


blood stone

Bloodstone is known to help you build courage, while also providing intense healing effects. It can help balance a number of chakras including: base, navel, heart, and sacral. It aids in helping you see the positive aspects of change, and break through any bad habits or behaviors standing in the way of your success.



Peridot is a stone that helps increase your understanding of your destiny and life’s purpose. As a money stone, it should be worn to bring increased financial success and business opportunity. It is another stone to keep alongside citrine in your cash register. It is important to remember that too much of a stone can create imbalance, and thus cause your efforts to backfire.

Mother of Pearl

mother of pearl

Mother of Pearl is a protective stone known to attract prosperity, increase your intuition and psychic sensitivity, and your imaginative powers. Mother of Pearl is associated with money and riches, as seashells were once used as currency in many parts of the world.


opal stone

Opal is another stone known to enhance creativity and imagination. It helps to remove inhibitions and and improve memory. It helps you cope with change, and therefore can be essential in ventures where leaps must be made in business to achieve financial success.

Using Your Crystals

To use your crystals, clarify your intention. Quiet your mind, keeping it still and focused. Remember to be clear and specific with your intention. Find a location for your grid, and clear that place as well as yourself from negative energy. You can burn sage or incense around the area to cleanse it.

Make your grid to help focus your intention with the energy of the crystals so as to manifest it.  it is up to you to decide how many stones to use and how big you want each of these stones to be. When creating your grid, make sure to leave some space between the stone so they will not roll off.

Once you set up the grid the way you like it, activate the grid by using a quartz wand to point to the center crystal and then out to all other crystals in the grid. Move in one direction and keep the perfect vision of your intention throughout the process. Do not allow any negative energy to enter your thoughts.

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